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  • It was great to see you too!  Will make sure to invite you to our next event.  We're planning a potluck with a desert edibles theme in November.  Stay tuned.  :)

  • Hi Vynnie,

    I would like to meet with you.  I have family in town right now so maybe later next week or the following week.

    Diane Nickle

    Garden Guru

  • Vynnie, my husband and I really enjoyed your class at the Glendale Library last night.  So enjoyed being able to put a face with a name now!  Look forward to future classes!   Sue Wefel

  • Hi Vynnie, Thank you for friending me - was out of town for a week - back to the fun stuff on the VPA :-)

  • I 'm in scottsdale . near the simple farm.

  • Hey Vynnie, it was great to spend some time with you again. As usual I learned so many ideas that I can utilize in my garden. Thanks so much!
  • Thanks for the comment, I hope others enjoy it as well :]
  • friends are good, thanks


  • Thanks Vynnie! Glad they're working out so well for you. :)
  • If the tomatillos are planted right next to each other they should have no problems with pollination on their own. If they are farther apart, I'd try picking a flower from one plant and using it to pollinate some on another plant. Glad to hear everything is going well!
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