This is a group for those focussed on soil building and bioremediation - through compost, EMs, bokashi, compost tea, vermicomposting and the like.

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Need to borrow worm farm for two monhs

In condo in Fountain Hills to end of March. Hate to put kitchen waste in trash or disposal.  Can anybody loan me a small bin with worms?  I will feed apple cores, banana peels, carrot/celery trimmings, crushed egg shells.  You will get everything back incl compost.  Doing vermiculture in MI over 5 years..  Thanks.Chuck

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Composted Manure for Sale

We have a large batch of composted manure ready. $3 per bag - stacked and ready for pick up. These are reused 50 lb. feed bags. $2 per bag - bring your own bag & you bag it. Or, $40 per truck bed or trailer. We'll fill YOUR truck or trailer with our small tractor. Sorry, we don't deliver! This is a combination of horse, donkey, goat, chicken and turkey manure with associated bedding, straw & wood shavings. We hot compost, manage the temps and moisture.  Our animals are immunized, wormed and…

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Water harvesting series with urban soils class!

Hi all, I work for VPA partner Watershed Management Group, and I'd like to let you know about an upcoming project series we're holding to help people learn about using rainwater harvesting, greywater, native plants, and more to build healthy urban soils. If you're interested in coming, please make sure to pre-register online. The course fee allows you to bring a friend or other members of your household. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks and happy new year!LindsayQuench Your…

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