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Vynnie McDaniels replied to Joanna Benton's discussion unused beds in Soil Builders
"Ditto, Ditto what Mary recommended.
For my fallow beds.  I go REALLY simple:
- Turn them a little to open the soil (drag a hoe back and forth)
- Pile on compost or yard debris, like lawn mower stuff (about 4"-6"inches higher that soil level)
- Hand…"
Jun 29, 2014
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Grace Marie Newton's discussion Beet recipes please? in Growing Gourmet
"Birgit - i LOVE your blog site!!!!!
WOW!!!  gonna have fun playing there!  Thanks for sharing.  ;-)"
Feb 16, 2014
Vynnie McDaniels left a comment for karen Zeller
"Hi Karen - don't tell anyone, but come on down! Gonna be packed - and warm! Looking forward to it. :)"
Jul 10, 2013
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Samantha W.'s discussion Open Hands! Looking to help out at a home or community garden to LEARN!!! in Community and School Gardens
"Wish I saw this sooner! (well, I guess it was after the fact...)  Here's what you just missed this weekend for Make A Difference Day:
Growing Together…"
Oct 29, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Grace Marie Newton's discussion Corn in Compost? in Soil Builders
"Heya Grace - you'll have no problems putting GMO corn cob (or any fruit/veg) into your compost. It will all break down and have no affect* on your soil. (*note: this is an anecdotal statement, not based on scientific study) Even being moldy…"
Jul 28, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Laragene Williams's discussion Any Montessori Garden Growers? in Community and School Gardens
"whoah, crazy. Today I just made a note for tomorrow to phone you. 
This time, lets make it happen!  ;)
Apr 16, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Maggie Olson's discussion Fertilize grass in Micro Livestock
"Hi Maggie - What is the lawn, burmuda? Augustine? Rye? 
There is little need to add 'product' fertilizer to lawn. The keep an organic/wholistic environment, you can use fine compost/mulch on the lawn, either imported or your own.  Even if you don't…"
Mar 13, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Grace Marie Newton's discussion Compost, whole eggs, fish and shrimp. in Soil Builders
"In support of Catherine's points, the eggs are pretty easy in the compost.  Break them in and stir the compost - often.  The more you stir the compost, the faster it works and breaks down things.  Pretty much anything.  The big issue is having stuff…"
Mar 8, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Angie's discussion Tea on my plants, and high pH in city tap? in Soil Builders
"You're on the right path Angie. Sheri is spot on too and adds a great point - use only filtered water on indoor plants (any potted plants actually). Tea pulp, as well as coffee grounds, can be applied to the soil of potted plants (right on top like…"
Feb 17, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels left a comment for Cassandra
"Dare I say your expertise lies in adventure and action. Inspiring.
Send me your email and we'll stay connected. Enjoy!
Feb 10, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to April A Ortiz's discussion Pallet Compost Bin in Soil Builders
"My 3cents... Like everyone mentioned, no plastic necessary (or any fabric).  It will cause more issues (and headaches) than not.  Expect lots of material to spill out of the sides (Even if you use a wire mesh).  Its a good thing; just shovel it back…"
Feb 9, 2012
Vynnie McDaniels replied to Michele's discussion Pomegranate Tree Question in Growing Gourmet
"Michele - Very nice tree.  Ann makes a great point about consistent - even constant - watering.    The key is CONSISTENT watering.  Make notes on a calendar (I use a digital calendar reminder for when to hose-water fruit trees).  Even if the water…"
Jul 22, 2011