Tea on my plants, and high pH in city tap?

Is it beneficial to use tea to water houseplants and/or potted vegetables at all?  I've read mixed-opinions through Google search hits, and am still left wondering whether it will benefit my plants at all.  


With that said, (although I've never tested it), it seems that central Phoenix tap water has high pH levels. 

1) I wonder if tea might help to neutralize it a bit.

2) I wonder what might else might be done to neutralize it a bit.

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  • Hi angie,
    Tea is a very good thing for plants. I use aerobic dynamic nutrient accumulator teas all of the time in my garden. Its a bit different than steeping in hot water but the same idea.
    Here's a really cool link with a chart of the different nutrient accumulators.

    As far as the city water ph goes I just let it sit out for a half day or a day before using it so the chlorine evaporates & have no problems at all. In good soil ph is not a question id more worry about what they treat it with messing with things..
  • Great advice!  Thanks Sheri and Vynnie.  :) 

    So, if I use filtered water for my tea, might it also be beneficial to water with leftover tea?

    • Sure; better to feed the plants with it than to pour it down the drain. You have to water the plants anyway. :)  We use our coffee grounds in the way Vynnie said--we just put them around the plants like mulch. Alas, we rarely have leftover coffee...

  • You're on the right path Angie. Sheri is spot on too and adds a great point - use only filtered water on indoor plants (any potted plants actually). Tea pulp, as well as coffee grounds, can be applied to the soil of potted plants (right on top like a mulch). That way anytime you water you added trace nutrients, in addition to managing pH.
    Some of what you read on-line may vary because of the region of the source (water is very different around the country). So, local info is best.
  • Angie, I only use filtered water that's low in PH on my houseplants because. Most plants absorb nutrients better when it's lower. Coffee is very low PH, so the grounds can be helpful when spread around the plants. Tea...I hear mixed things about it, too. But anything that's acidic will counter the high PH.

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