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Dixon Oates replied to lisa francine's discussion FREE WORMS AND VERMICOMPOSTER... in Soil Builders
Do worms survive the summers out here? Even in the shade if figure temps would cook them.
Also. How large is the vermicomposter?"
May 5, 2010
Dixon Oates replied to Cathy's discussion Hens for Free in Micro Livestock
I may be interested in at least a few of them. Please place me on the waiting list.
Jan 14, 2010
Dixon Oates left a comment for Vynnie McDaniels
"One suggestion: If someone has a drip system / automatic sprinkler system, the could extend a section of PVC above ground(maybe afixed to a post), then have it turn two 90's so that a small 360 degree shrub head is upside down over the top of the…"
Aug 27, 2009
Dixon Oates left a comment for Vynnie McDaniels
"Thanks for the class yesterday! I will 'bug' you if I develop more questions..."
Aug 27, 2009