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Solicitation on the AZ Herb Site

The Arizona Herb Association not endorse products or services sold by members through this web site. While it is permissible to alert fellow members of services/sales you offer, it is up to the discretion of AHAn to

The Arizona Herb Association is only as strong as our volunteers. We can always use more HELP to bring quaitly educational experience to the public! Please contact the person listed if you can help out in any of the fol

In Arizona and the desert southwest we have some incrediblethings to eat in the desert. Prickly pears, nopalitos, saguaro cactus fruit, ironwood and palo verde beans and the growing more popular every day mesquite bean. In an utshell the mesquite be

Fruit Tree Education Program

Through the Phoenix Permaculture Guild we offer a fruit treeeducation program that runs each fall in Arizona. As part of the program you can purchase fruit trees.

The Guild fruit tree planting program was originally star

The Permaculture Design Course

The Phoenix Permaculture Guild presents the twice-yearly TheHolistic - Sustainability/Permaculture Design Course

What is this you ask?

Permaculture is a way of thinking and organizing intelligentecological and ethical