Fertilize grass

I want to fertilize our backyard grass but our chickens are free range.  Is there a good product anyone has found that is not harmful to the chickens and/or something they do not try to eat that I can use? 

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  • Well, you can use horse or cow manure, and that shouldn't cause problems.

  • Hi Maggie - What is the lawn, burmuda? Augustine? Rye? 

    There is little need to add 'product' fertilizer to lawn. The keep an organic/wholistic environment, you can use fine compost/mulch on the lawn, either imported or your own.  Even if you don't generate enough compost to cover a large lawn, you could just make compost tea, put it in a sprayer, and apply that to the lawn. About once month is good enough.  (maybe think about bartering chicken manure or eggs?)

    Essentially, you're not fertilizing the lawn, you're trying to enrich the soil.  The more organic material you can add to the lawn the better.  This will never compromise your chickens.

    My next question would be, how is your lawn watering...?   ;-)


      irrigation, but there are several areas that are not touched by the irrigation so no grass has grown in those spots.  I would like to really just add an enrichment or fertilizer to those specific areas.  We compost and have plenty to spread around the yard, however, the chickens LOVE the compost and tend to scratch at it.  We also have sprinklers

  • Let me get this straight. You have free range chickens fertilizing your lawn, and you want to add more fertilizer? That sounds bad for the lawn. It can only take so much.

    • We have a pretty good size backyard and unfortunately our chickens don't hit all the areas in need.  I am more worried about harming the chickens then over fertilizing our lawn.

  • We had to buy a new lawnmower this past summer and for the first time we bought a mulching lawnmower. It doesn't even have the option to bag. We have not had to fertilize the lawn at all and it is green and more gorgeous then its ever been. The grass clippings give a nitrogen boost to the lawn each time its mowed and help to retain moisture. We have not run our sprinklers on the lawn once this winter, and I'm sure you've noticed that it hasn't rained in 90-some days. ;)


    You may already be using a mulching lawnmower, but just in case you're not, I highly recommend them. Only bummer is no grass clippings for the compost pile. ;)

  • Goat berries or rabbit pellets....

    • Thank you

  • Hi Maggie,

    Check out this link for suggestions:


    • Awesome thank I will check this out

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