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Is anyone interested in an Urban Worm Bag set up? I have used it for a while but realized I just don't have enough green matter to keep the worms happy. If anyone is interested, contact me (
Oct 17
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Well, I wanted to say thank you to this community and the knowledge you share. My seasons with this group are coming to a close physically as we are moving back to Oregon.
Oct 1
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Our Afghan pine groves are settling in before hot weather strikes.
May 7
  • Liz & Dan My baby fig tree has taken off in growth as the weather has been warming up!
    May 10
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new youtube video
Apr 18
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Apr 6
  • Liz & Dan Nicely done!  Thanks for sharing and congrats on finishing your herbalism course!!!
    Apr 7
  • Stacie Staats This was created for my community final project for finishing a certified herbalist course.
    Apr 6
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Mar 31
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I have a Bursera hindsiana that I got years ago at DBG and it is in a big tub on my eastern exposure patio. I would like to plant it in the ground as it does not seem happy. When I do that, should I cut it back significantly? The stems are all long…
Mar 25
  • Lesley Fitzpatrick Well, I can't post the pictures here, but it clearly is sun deprived.
    Mar 28
  • Liz & Dan As I think more about what you described, if your plant is under a roof but facing east, it might be that it's just not getting enough sunlight.  A photo of the plant as a close up and another farther away showing context would help with determining…
    Mar 26
  • Lee Ann You might find some information in this link from the University of Arizona:

    Or, perhaps check in with DBG for help?
    Mar 25
  • Liz & Dan What a great question!  I have a couple of Burseras, one is the native elephant tree and the other is the hindsiana (if memory serves - it was a gift).  They are both in pots. The native one keeps it's leaves over the winter, but my hindsiana it is…
    Mar 25
Lee Ann left a comment on Audubon Arizona - Gardening for Wildlife
"Native Herbal Plants - Qualifying for GreenBridgesTM Gardens
for Maricopa County, Arizona by Kirti Mathura
February 2021

Bursera microphylla – elephant tree
Celtis reticulata (C. laevigata var. reticulata) – netleaf hackberry
Mar 20
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