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Herbs for the Low Desert gardener are for sale at Arizona Herb Association events.

The Arizona Herb Association AHA is a nonprofit organization, established as an educational forum so that its members and the public can easily obtain, share and utilize information about the uses, culture, history and lore of herbs. Our members maintain interests in culinary, cosmetic, medicinal, ornamental, dye and ethnic herbs. All other interests in herbs are encouraged and welcomed.


Membership on this social networking forum is free!  If you would like to go one step farther and become an "Herbie", there are many advantages to AHA membership. Because the AHA participates in garden fairs and home improvement shows during the planting season, there are often many unusual or hard-to-find herb plants for sale at AHA meetings (availability of herbs at meetings varies with the growing seasons) We may also order herbs to tie in with a speaker’s topic or the herb of the month.

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