Pomegranate Tree Question

We have a 5 year old pomegranate tree that we planted on a whim and then much to my astonishment it has been producing copious amounts of fruit. My question is every year the fruit gets bigger (softball size) but by the time it is ripe say late Oct or Nov it is split, cracked and not very ruby red and delicious inside. I don't mind sharing with the birds, but I would really like to eat ripe, red, sweet pomegranates not the pale pathetic ones we usually get. My husband has fertilzed it with the citrus fertilizer when he ferts the citrus trees. What should we be doing differently or better to help this tree produce better fruit?  Thanks


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  • Michele - Very nice tree.  Ann makes a great point about consistent - even constant - watering.    The key is CONSISTENT watering.  Make notes on a calendar (I use a digital calendar reminder for when to hose-water fruit trees).  Even if the water is always on works nicely; a hose on slow trickle moved around N.S,E,W.  The palm and citrus near will appreciate as well.
    I've known pomegranate to benefit from ripening on the counter.  When you notice first bird 'approval', start picking and take them inside.
    For on-tree ripening, you could also try lollypopping them - wrap the fruit (frost cover or row cover) and a use a twisty-tie.  Cheese cloth works too, as long as fruit itsn't split.  Also, using a peanut feeder makes for a nice distraction.
  • it's true with many fruits irriegualr water is caused by the outside drying out faster than the inside. if punicas dried out, then gots a large amount of water the inside would absorb more water than the dried outside coudl handle and split. it's ok to let them dry out a little, but not to a point of leaf wilt. i never fert mine. i do protect the fruit from birds and small vermin by wrapping the fruit in pantyhose. it will keep them from making holes in the fruit

    • Super idea Hassena on the panty hose.  I know about using them for cantaloupe and other small melons if you want them growing up a vertical surface. :-)
    • I love the panty hose idea! I can't wait to try it out.
  • My understanding is what Ann said.  They need consistent water to produce good fruit.  Notes on the internet indicate even one irregular watering period during the summer can cause fruit to split.  Also, since the plants are shrubs they should not be overly pruned allowing as much vegetation to be on the try through the summer.  I mention that because some people think every shrub tree should be pruned to look like a "tree" - but keep the suckers pruned off.
    • i have never pruned my pom's only if they are in the way of somthing.they do love water tho
  • hi, with mine in the north west valley.they like lots of water.this has helped mine.a farmer near me had a hedge of them and his tail water from his field ran to them and they were wet constantly.the fruit was grapefruit size,very red & never broken open.............the ones i have are called"wonderfull" and that is what was planted at the farmers place
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