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  • Give those grapes a couple years and you will have more than you need! Follow basic pruning guide for fruit production after they become dormant in the winter. I got mine from the Agriculture Extension Service in Phoenix. I got lots of grapes the second year mine were in the ground. Good luck, love your use of broken concrete! Looks great. Jack
  • I like your plants in your picture, your front yard is looking really neat!
  • Hi Marcy. I am really enjoying "meeting" everybody on this group and I'm sorry it took me so long to find it. Your photo looks great. I am in Glendale, we bought our house in 83, I filled the yard with plants, but not with a thought of an edible landscape, or water retention. Now, I am redoing it all and having a great time. Hope to hear a lot about your projects in the future. Sue
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marcy left a comment for Anthea
"hi anthea =)
sorry, no, i'm not planning on going to that one. perhaps if you post on the event that you're in need of a ride, someone else may be able to help. it looks like a good tour but i've been real busy lately so i'm just going to focus my…"
Sep 16, 2009
marcy left a comment for Erika
"good to hear that. i don't blame you, i'd be avoiding it too. i think with some extra precautionary measures in the future, you can avoid this. i've read even dirt can harbor it ( as well as many other things) for now get LOTS of rest and just heal."
Jul 9, 2009
marcy left a comment for Erika
"how are you feeling?"
Jul 9, 2009
marcy left a comment for Ericka
hopefully you don't consider this out of line, but i came across a website that may or may not be helpful for your nephew and i thought i'd pass it on. was going to send it as an email, but don't have that option on your page. i have lots of…"
Jul 2, 2009
marcy left a comment for Jane Doyle
"my pleasure ;)"
May 13, 2009
marcy left a comment for Sue Wefel
"sue, thanks for your concern. i've just been realy busy lately. i got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago and i think that slowed me down a little bit for a few weeks. lately i've been in a mad rush to try and get stuff done before it gets too…"
May 9, 2009
marcy left a comment for Peggy Sorensen
"hey peg! the earth oven class is a little out of my price range right now, but thanks for offering.i am planning on going to the foor preserving class the 18th though, if you're interested in that?"
Mar 30, 2009
marcy left a comment for Michael and Lylah Ledner
"thanks lylah, you are always so kind =)"
Mar 29, 2009
marcy left a comment for Michael and Lylah Ledner
"i'm an amateur at seed collecting so i may not be the best person to answer that question, but my plan was to wait until the plants died and then collect the dried pods with the seeds in them. funny you mention it because i was planning on tearing…"
Mar 16, 2009
marcy left a comment for Michael and Lylah Ledner
"thank you so much for the kind comments. i just have a little point and shoot sony camera, but with digital you can take a million so it's a lot easier to get good ones. i have a lot of fun doing it."
Mar 15, 2009
marcy left a comment for Michael and Lylah Ledner
"thank you , and yes, it is arugula. i'm waiting to collect the seeds which seems to be taking forever. the bees and ladybugs are happy it's still there though =)"
Mar 15, 2009
marcy replied to Debbie's discussion Rotating Composting Barrel aeration ? in Soil Builders
"hi debbie,
the more aeration the better. lots of holes. i got mine from the city of phx too and am thinking of drilling a few more holes in it. (i also took the lid off and turned it upside down) the tumbler that your hubby made is very nice!"
Mar 15, 2009
marcy left a comment for Sue Wefel
"little baby chicks! oh, so cute. i went on the tours of the bee oasis and dolce verde this weekend and was amazed at how quiet the chickens were. how cool!"
Mar 11, 2009