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  • Hi Rachel, I just bought Fowl Play and also attended one of your classes. I'm so torn about what breed to get. I can get about 6 chickens. They should be somewhat friendly because I have 3 little kids. The choices at the feed store right now are black sex links, red sex links, rhode island reds, barred rocks and easter eggers. I would like to get 3 different breeds (2 each). Which ones out those choices are the best layers and also friendly? Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I attended Kari's class at the microfarm today. She is raising those Japanese quail and said that she initially got them from you. Just wondering if you'd sell some to me or let me know where I could get them? Thank you so much for your time,


  • Hi Rachel,

    You were well received at Glendale.  Lots of praise!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others.  We'll have to plan some more classes when you have time. Karen and I can then break it down into workshops and demos.  I don't think I"m ready to teach a class as comprehensive as yours but we did get a lot on the history of seeds at Native Seeds Seed School.  Thanks again.  Kathy

  • Hey Rachel,

    Was in your chicken class last year and am looking for just 2 chicks for our backyard.  Live in a community so want chickens that are on the quieter and friendly side, if thats possible, lol.  Do you have any advice on what kind and where to find only 2?  I was thinking orpingtons, but if you have other suggestions that would be great!


    Brenda Oberman

  • I'd have to consider it, but likely not.  Too busy as it is to accept additional responsibilities.

  • thanks for the friend request. yes i do alot of hatching  quail a chickens both. corturnix and buff orpingtons mostly. i also raise new zealand white meat rabbits and boer goats. heres my info and thanks again :).

    Zach Frisby


  • I'm back in your area on the 28th.  My son has an appt from 3-4.  Will you be around to get one of your passions?

  • Rachel,

    Do you have any tips or warnings and new born Muscovy duckling care?  Looks like I may have 3 clutches hatching out soon.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Thanks! I'll grab some tonight or shortly. Appreciate it greatly. 
  • Hi Rachael,

    Thank you so much for the great information at Quail Class.  The chicks are doing well keeping Eggbert company and we finally hatched a decent batch of chicks. 

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Rachel replied to Carol Duffell's discussion Are these eggs safe to eat? in Micro Livestock
"It depends on the temperature. Eggs degrade and bacteria multiply as a function of time and temperature combined. If the eggs have already been exposed to 12 hours of veerrrry warm daytime temperatures and then go inside to an 80 degree house, they…"
Aug 10, 2014
Rachel replied to Carol Duffell's discussion Chickens and snakes in Micro Livestock
"Yes. She would have killed and eaten a snake that small."
Aug 10, 2014
Donna Bruce replied to Rachel's discussion Rabbit class? in Micro Livestock
"I see that I replied way back when, since then I  have taught several rabbit classes to small groups in my home.
I have been raising NZW and moving on to siamese satins. I would love to see others benefit from rabbits. I would be more than happy to…"
Aug 13, 2013
Kristin Parsons replied to Rachel's discussion Rabbit class? in Micro Livestock
"I'm interested- it may take me a moment to decide about the meat part (I've only ever processed quail before, so anything larger than that and I'd be out of my league for sure!) But I'm always interested in animals whose manure can go straight on my…"
Aug 13, 2013
Sara Swift replied to Rachel's discussion Rabbit class? in Micro Livestock
"Topic is probably dead by now... but is anyone still interested in classes on rabbits?"
Aug 13, 2013
Rachel replied to Carol Haynes's discussion Quail eggs in Micro Livestock
"Give them a little calcium as others have suggested but quail do have a tendency to lay a soft-shelled egg every once in awhile anyway so don't be alarmed if you see one every once in awhile.
Quail almost always lay in the afternoons; that's normal."
Jul 10, 2013
Rachel replied to Victoria Jordan's discussion Young broody hen in Micro Livestock
"It is possible. I've never heard of a black RIR. You should not let a hen go broody during this weather; it gets excessively hot all puffed up in the nest box. To help break broodiness, normally, you can put her in a wire bottomed cage with food and…"
Jun 29, 2013
Rachel replied to Corey Abramowitz's discussion Starter plants in Seed Group
"We're getting to the end of the season for most of those plants... Hopefully the restaurant owner is also interested in tomatoes, squash, peppers etc... :)"
Mar 13, 2013
Rachel replied to Anson Sarager's discussion Lava rock grow medium in Aquaponics
"I have. It's very rough on your hands and hard to transplant into and out of because of the roughness of the rock. It's also much heavier than hydroton. I much prefer hydroton."
Mar 12, 2013
Rachel replied to Catherine, The Herb Lady's discussion Food Preservation - which is more cost effective? in Growing Gourmet
"I love these kind of data comparison articles. :) I like that dehydrating saves a lot of space too. The figures given for the dehydrated stuff are at the very high end... you can get the mesh air dehydrators at the Asian markets for $10 or so and…"
Feb 9, 2013
Rachel replied to Hassena Kassim's discussion suppliers of tanks in Aquaponics
"Depending on sizes people use free spas from craigslist, 55 gallon food grade barrels or 275 gallon food grade IBCs. There are some tanks made for aquaponics available on different internet sites, but I'm sure you've already seen the high prices on…"
Feb 8, 2013
Rachel replied to Cyndi-Marie Myers's discussion Incubating Duck Eggs in Micro Livestock
"Not to derail your duck hatching thread, but I thought this pic was worth sharing. :) In a pinch, Delilah the Muscovy hatched a batch of chicken chicks. She seemed pretty pleased. Sometimes the ducks accidentally squish the chicken chicks, or lead…"
Feb 6, 2013
Rachel replied to Cyndi-Marie Myers's discussion Incubating Duck Eggs in Micro Livestock
"Fair warning: Muscovy ducks are nearly impossible to incubate artifically. If I recall correctly from all of my failed attempts (I'm not just using my failures as evidence, I have never known anyone in person or online that has had success…"
Feb 6, 2013
Cindy McCloe replied to Rachel's discussion A brief memo about pecking and things that cause it in Micro Livestock
"We separated the aggressive PR for a day and now everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the advice."
Nov 23, 2012
Rachel replied to Rachel's discussion A brief memo about pecking and things that cause it in Micro Livestock
"Having an aggressive production red is not an uncommon complaint, unfortunately.
Two weeks is definitely long enough for her to have to be re-introduced to the flock; it can happen after just a couple of days. The fact that she is visibly weak adds…"
Nov 21, 2012
Cindy McCloe replied to Rachel's discussion A brief memo about pecking and things that cause it in Micro Livestock
"I have 4 hens that I've raised since chicks and are now about 3 months old. One is what the Stock Shop called a Production Red, which they said is a cross between a RIR and leghorn, and she is definitely of a pecker and seems to be trying to…"
Nov 21, 2012