Cultivating plants and aquatic animals for food production in a recirculating environment.

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Aquaponic Victory Garden

Hi all, you may already be aware of the work Dr Brooks is doing with Aquaponics around the Valley, and especially his 3 hour farm technique.  I love this series of videos he's putting together tracking the production of one of his aquaponics backyard setups.  Inspirational!!  Keep those videos coming :) Aquaponics Victory Garden Update 5:24:2020 Milestone 105 lbs Harvested & New Plants for Summer

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Aquaponics Education help at Tour de Coops?

A last minute request here for some aquaponics volunteers to support this year's Tour de Coops - VPA's self-guided tour of backyard chicken coops.New on the Tour this year, we are going to have an educational booth (or eggucational booth – harhar!) on various sustainability and permaculture topics. One coop will be focusing on aquaponics, one will be on seed planting and saving, one will be on composting, one will be on chicken breeds, etc. One of our coops this year has a beautiful Garden Pool…

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