Starter plants

Howdy gang!

We are currently building a garden for a restaurant, and we're on the search for starter plants to be donated for the cause. Here's what the restaurant owner is interested in:

  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Beets
  • Herbs (all kinds)
  • Arugula

We can certianly get creative here. If you have anything available, please contact me at


Corey Abramowitz

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  • Howdy again, gain!

    If you do have a starter we can use, please contact my amazing intern Keaton at 

    Thank you!


  • Hey gang!

    So, to follow up, she is fine with anything. So, if you or anyone you know have any starters, we would appreciate them greatly. 

    Please email me at



  • I would take a planting calendar with you to the meeting.  The U of A has this one:

    That way you know what plants are in season when...

  • We're getting to the end of the season for most of those plants... Hopefully the restaurant owner is also interested in tomatoes, squash, peppers etc... :)

    • Makes perfect sense. I'll get with her and see what would interest her for plan B. Thanks a bunch!
    • I was going to say the same thing...If he is interested I may have some tomato and squash to donate.

    • Hey Karis!

      We'd love to use your tomato and squash starters. If you're still interested, please contact Keaton, our intern, at From there we can get everything situated. 

      Thank you, you are super amazing!


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