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I am going to have a cardiac cath done, probably this coming Monday the 17th.

I may have to stay overnight.  

Would anyone be interested in taking my ladies for a few days?  I have three layers.

They are accustomed to heavy shade, fans and misters in th

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3 free hens Peoria

Hello all, we are down to 3 hens and although it's been a good run I don't think I can manage this summer. We are expecting our first baby next week and with c-section recovery and other issues I'm not feeling confident nor looking to care for them t

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Buy, sell, share local app.


I live in Chandler, new the VPA and I am very passionate about eating local foods. I am a certified health coach and have learned through years of studying that the best way to get the most nutritious, least toxic and best tasting foods are fro

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Bees and kids?

Another question...
I want to keep bees as well, but my husband thinks it is a bad idea since we have young children (5, 3, and almost 1). We have a 1/4 acre (he says we can have bees when we upgrade to an acre property in a few years). Does anyone ha

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Feeding chickens

I'm so excited I am finally moving to a house where I can have chickens! 

So I have some time to plan this (we won't be moving before May) but I really want to feed the chickens entirely from what I can grow (and I consider insects to be "grown").


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What do you feed a rooster...

I have a little bantam rooster. I don't know what type of breed he is...  His name is Stewart and we've had him less than a year.  I don't think, based on a bit of research, that he needs to be eating the pricey organic layer feed.  What can I feed h

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3 Hens available - Free!

I am giving away 3 hens, approximately 3 years old, one white leghorn and two red stars. The white leghorn and one of the red stars are laying. The other red star is not laying. I'm fine with someone wanting to take and keep them or slaughter for mea

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