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I am going to have a cardiac cath done, probably this coming Monday the 17th.

I may have to stay overnight.  

Would anyone be interested in taking my ladies for a few days?  I have three layers.

They are accustomed to heavy shade, fans and misters in th

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Buy, sell, share local app.


I live in Chandler, new the VPA and I am very passionate about eating local foods. I am a certified health coach and have learned through years of studying that the best way to get the most nutritious, least toxic and best tasting foods are fro

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Bees and kids?

Another question...
I want to keep bees as well, but my husband thinks it is a bad idea since we have young children (5, 3, and almost 1). We have a 1/4 acre (he says we can have bees when we upgrade to an acre property in a few years). Does anyone ha

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3 free hens Peoria

Hello all, we are down to 3 hens and although it's been a good run I don't think I can manage this summer. We are expecting our first baby next week and with c-section recovery and other issues I'm not feeling confident nor looking to care for them t

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Feeding chickens

I'm so excited I am finally moving to a house where I can have chickens! 

So I have some time to plan this (we won't be moving before May) but I really want to feed the chickens entirely from what I can grow (and I consider insects to be "grown").


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Broody hen

One of my Marans has gone broody. I have tried just shutting her out of the coop but when the others want to go in to lay it gets difficult. I put her in a wire crate but can't remove the plastic tray as I discovered the wire on the bottom of the cra

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