Bees and kids?

Another question...
I want to keep bees as well, but my husband thinks it is a bad idea since we have young children (5, 3, and almost 1). We have a 1/4 acre (he says we can have bees when we upgrade to an acre property in a few years). Does anyone have bees and kids and is that an issue? Can I keep a beehive on the roof or something?

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  • If you teach your kids to be responsible around bees and watch the younger ones, you shouldn't have any issues.  In some cities, people are allowed to raised them on apartment balconies.  It's not so much about space as it is respecting the bees.  

    You will want to learn about replacing your queens on a regular basis to prevent your colonies from becoming colonized. 

    I personally wouldn't keep them on the roof.  They will bake in the summer.  Just set up a part of the yard for them and fence it off.  Bees do not go looking for trouble.  Once they have a flight path, you can make sure you don't cross it and interfere with their daily lives.  Most of them use the flight path like a high way to get to other places.

    Feel free to join this page on facebook.  There are a lot of very knowledgeable beekeepers who are willing to give advice and help out.  All are local to the Phx area.

    • Thank you, I just joined the group! I think I'll wait on the bees until my other endeavors are more established, but oh I want my own honey so badly!

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