3 free hens Peoria

Hello all, we are down to 3 hens and although it's been a good run I don't think I can manage this summer. We are expecting our first baby next week and with c-section recovery and other issues I'm not feeling confident nor looking to care for them this summer. They are approximately 3 years old, bought them as chicks from the local stock shop and have been used to produce scraps, free range of backyard and doing their thing. 2 barred rock, 1 australorp. Must take All. Have a feed bad to go with. All free, prefer to be picked up ASAP as baby is coming next week and I will not be going outside after that , thanks!

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  • Hi Sarah, I have a half of dozen hens who would love some more sisters.  I can picked them up today if that works for you. Do you want to contact me via phone; 602-625-2121.

    Thanks, Dawn

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