Rehoming my Mealworms - Any Takers?

Hi All, I'm looking to rehome my mealworms.  I have a large plastic tote that they are kept in that fits under a bed that is approximately 6" tall  and 18 x 33".  They have been fed with wheat bran, potatoes, carrots and a bit of brewers yeast.  Dead simple to maintain.  Let me know if you want it, plastic bin included.  Message me and we'll talk.  Liz

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  • OK - I've got you all in line.  I'm starting with the first to post and I'll work through to see who gets it.  Thanks!


  • We have always wanted to raise mealworms for our 9 chickens. We would love to get started with your mini mealworm farm!
  • I'm interested. Where are you located?

  • Oooh. That sounds kind of good. You still have them? 

  • I may be.  I was just about to start a new set up.  I'm pm you. 

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