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Trevor Ray replied to Tim Nacke's discussion Irrigation in Micro Livestock
"I agree with Aedan. Our chickens love the free ranging. On irrigated lots the grass roots are typically pretty deep and would take a LOTof chickens before they could mess up the grass. Just make sure they have a dry area they can retreat to."
Nov 16, 2014
Trevor Ray replied to Vickiinaz's discussion Looking for adult hens in Micro Livestock
"I've looked on craigslist and see plenty of them.  We just bought 11-  5 from craigslist (4 from same flock and same breed roo)  and 6 from a neighbor who just moved into a new house and didn't have time to deal with chickens yet.

I'd try to…"
Feb 19, 2014
Trevor Ray replied to Sheri Schmeckpeper's discussion Exploring a Milk Cow-op for fresh, raw, non-homogenized milk in Archived-Southeast Valley Permies
"I'm very interested as well.  I sent  a friend request so we can send messages and hear more- I'm very interested in getting some milk like you described above.
Jan 8, 2014
Trevor Ray replied to Maynhia Stott's discussion where to buy mesquite flour in Native & Perennial Foods
"I hope someone else has better sources... but I know you can by one at the NATIVE SEEDS store down in Tucson.  

You can also buy a bag of it from Whole Foods... I did this once and really didn't like the flavor- couldn't find a good way to use it.…"
Jan 8, 2014
Trevor Ray replied to Grace Marie Newton's discussion Radish Recipes Please in Growing Gourmet
"We tried a great Martha Stewart recipe a while ago:  it's a radish-mango salad.. not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for- but it has a great contrast of flavors that really taste great together.

Radish-Mango salad with Lime Dressing…"
Jan 4, 2014
Trevor Ray left a comment for Russell Keppner
"Yeah.. it's a pretty good resource for all things garden and permaculture.  I've definately learned a lot in the years I've been part of this group."
Mar 21, 2013
Trevor Ray replied to Liz & Dan's discussion Armenian Cucumber "Apple" Crisp in Growing Gourmet
"oooh.. that looks good. Things were busy early this year and we got a late start on Armenian Cukes and our family is missing them SO much. Hopefully our vines will start producing like crazy in the next few weeks.
I'll have to file that away for a…"
Jul 29, 2012
Trevor Ray replied to Sheri Schmeckpeper's discussion Exploring a Milk Cow-op for fresh, raw, non-homogenized milk in Archived-Southeast Valley Permies
"I'm out on Lindsay/Southern right on the boarder of Mesa.  I may be somewhat interested in some kind of co-op, however it would DEFINITELy depend on how well that would be able to fit into our schedules and exactly where it's located.  I'm hoping…"
Jun 19, 2012
Trevor Ray replied to Kathleen's discussion Canyon Grape (Vitis arizonica) in Native & Perennial Foods
 Wondering if you could try to "notice" something for us all.  When i looked at the description it said that it requires warm, sunny weather for the fruit to ripen. It's also said "small, quite luscious, which implies they should be sweet.
Jun 16, 2012
Trevor Ray replied to Liz & Dan's discussion Make your own Juice Concentrate - NO HEAT! in Growing Gourmet
"That's awesome... now I just need to find someone who still has oranges on their tree :)
Let us know how it works for you!"
Jun 11, 2012
Trevor Ray replied to Kari Spencer's discussion How to make and use a chicken manure box? in Micro Livestock
"I had heard of people doing it with rabbits, and had also heard that chicken manure is some great nitrogen for your garden... which is one of the key reasons I got chickens :)
Mine's actually more the design of the whole coop, and may be slightly…"
Feb 22, 2012
OceanLyons replied to Trevor Ray's discussion Moringa Seeds, citrus budding branches? in Archived-Southeast Valley Permies
"I have the Persian and Keffir lime. Both are new transplants (within the last year). I haven't grafted yet. So, I don't know what to cut for you. You're more than welcome to come take cuttings. I'm near Signal Butte and Warner."
Apr 13, 2011
Trevor Ray posted a discussion in Archived-Southeast Valley Permies
Oops... was supposed to post that last question under discussion, not the comments. :) I saw a few weeks ago a post about the East Valley Gardening Club having a sale and having Moringa seeds available.  I had wanted to attend, but things came up…
Apr 13, 2011
Trevor Ray replied to Jeanette's discussion does anyone know how to make a seed bell/ball? in Micro Livestock
"I remember as a kid making feeders like this out of pine cones coated in peanut butter then either rolled or coated with the seeds...
It's been too long, so I can't remember how it turned out or what time of the year it was, but it was out here in…"
Apr 9, 2011
Trevor Ray replied to Carrie's discussion A better waterer?? in Micro Livestock
"Buy yourself some poultry nipples.  They work GREAT.    I popped these under a  gallon bucket, and put that bucket up on some blocks so the chickens can peck up at it.
The water stays perfectly clean, the chickens get good clean water whenever they…"
Mar 8, 2011
Trevor Ray replied to Kelly Liston's discussion Can I turn my dead chicken into broth - or is that gross? in Micro Livestock
"Is it really OK to just bury the chicken in your garden?
I just keep thinking un-sanitary...and disease... and animals coming around to dig it back up... but I'm no expert in this topic.
What steps would you take if/when you bury I chicken that…"
Jan 17, 2011