Wild/native food gathering group focused on mesquite bean harvesting & other wild foods. Growing, harvesting and breeding edible perennial plants suitable for Phoenix to supply fruit, veggies and greens with minimal maintenance are also of interest.

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  • Gary Nabhan has written many extraordinary books on harvesting, preparing, and eating native (Sonoran Desert) foods as well as history and culture of these foods and of the people who have, in the past, used these foods as staples. I do not have a list of his books here at school but if you Google for books written by Dr. Nabhan you will hit pay dirt :-D

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In search of native grasses

Hi, I'm trying to find a source or a spot to aquire some native grasses. like az fescue,blue gama, cotton top. Reason being I want to plant a non irrigated pasture to replace an irrigated one. Native seed search has them but there expensive if I could forage or borrow some I'd rather. Even a small amount and save the seed. If anyone has info to share I would love you forever ;-) thank you wonderful people !

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Am Running out of steam on my edible desert yard project

Hey VPA!!! I need some help completing a modest city lot with large ambitions!I have contoured a flat lot with peripheral berms and internal swales to catch and hold rainwater on the property. I have semiannually sort of beaten back the weeds and goatheads, countering with landscape paper and cardboard.But I am stymied at this point, realizing at last that injuries and excesses of my youth are chickens that have come home to roost in my golden years. I am no longer 32 except in my wild and…

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Looking for just 4 +/- reasonably affordable straw bales (organic "preferably" but not required) to purchase at this late winter time of year.   I live in Tempe.As a secondary item, may be looking for a source of free or affordable clean wood chips without having to take on a whole load.  May be willing to transport them.Thank You. -Jeff

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Where to locate sugar cane in the home garden

Hello Permies!I'm planing on putting in some sugar cane someplace in the garden and I'm not sure where the best place to plant it is.  Everywhere I read is says to plant sugar cane in full sun but we all know what that can mean here - fried plants come the summer heat.  I have an eastern exposure area that gets afternoon shade, but might it be too much shade for a good crop, or a perfect situation for this climate?If you have successfully planted sugar cane and had a good harvest come fall what…

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