Make your own Juice Concentrate - NO HEAT!

OK - I was so excited to find this, just in time to concentrate the last of the oranges for the season!!


  1. Pour fruit juice into a narrow-necked, food-grade plastic container such as a gallon jug. Leave room for expansion during freezing (the jug should not be more than three-fourths full). Cap and freeze.
  1. Remove the cap once the juice is completely frozen and suspend the jug upside down over another container such as a wide-mouth jar.
  1. Allow the frozen juice to thaw out drip by drip into the lower container until just ice is left in the jug. The tastier, more colorful part of the frozen substance will melt before the plain water crystals.
  1. Discard the remaining less colorful ice in the jug once the juice has separated during the thawing.
  1. Pour the separated juice back into the now empty plastic jug and repeat the freezing and dripping procedure two more times to produce a fine concentrate.
  2. Store the concentrate in a jar or in ice trays in the freezer.

Source: How to Make Frozen Juice Concentrate |


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  • What a neat idea, Liz!  Thanks for posting - I'm going to put that in my notes for next citrus season.  And I've seen how that works when thawing juices.  I think the residual water could be used, chilled as a refreshing drink option to discarding, with maybe a piece of mint, thyme, rosemary and a slice of cucumber in it - hmmm. Have to think about that - like to find a use for things I would otherwise dispose of.

    • I agree, you wouldn't have to throw the 'water' away as there are lots of uses for it - not least of which would be to water plants if you don't want to drink it... I just kept the instructions as written on that website.

  • That's awesome... now I just need to find someone who still has oranges on their tree :)


    Let us know how it works for you!

    • What part of town are you located?  Me and my neighbors have lots of oranges left... 12th St & Glendale.

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