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OceanLyons replied to Dennis j.l. Hagood's discussion Looking for bulk Perlite, Humus, and course sand in Soil Builders
"Home Depot or Lowe's would probably give you a 10% discount for a large order. I have bought very large bags of vermiculite and perlite from them in the past. Can't remember what I paid."
May 7, 2014
OceanLyons replied to Cassandra's discussion Eggplant Recipes in Growing Gourmet
"This the only way I like eggplant. :)
Baba Ghanoush"
Dec 8, 2011
OceanLyons replied to Mary Ann Zoeller's discussion Wood chips to avoid in Soil Builders
"My beds were originally filled with a mixture that contained palm. It takes forever to break down, but does hold water well."
Jun 26, 2011