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  • Hello Vanessa, I am contacting you to see if you still build and sell the Treadle feeders.  My husband and I currently have  hens and have recently opened a free for all buffet to any and all dove's in our neighborhood.  We are going through feed at an insane rate and really need a Treadle feeder.  The only one I can find online has a horrible review at and we would prefer a well built one; however, my husband has a full schedule and no time to learn the pattern and  tackle the project.  Please let me know if you are still building them and what the going rate would be for us to purchase one.  

    I'm not sure if I will get notification to find your response here on the forum, so feel free to email me directly at:  Thanks a ton!


  • Vanessa

    Are you still selling treadle feeders?  I would like to of them, if you are interested in selling them to me.  Hope to hear from you soon.


    Scott Brown

  • I am interested in raising some broilers this winter.  But I have no equipment or know-how to do the butchering and really don't want to do it all myself.  Do you butcher chickens for people or only teach classes?  I am interested in getting some folks together to make a day of harvesting chickens and I am looking at some options, we don't have any equipment, do you? Can people bring chickens to you and help butcher?

  • Hi Vanessa,

    Great photos of your feeders!!  Please, if you haven't already done so, post that they are for sale at Western Ranchman (I did see that in a comment right?) and how much they cost in our Community Bazaar Section.  I'm sure you'll have people who want more info and that is the perfect place to let them know more!


  • Hello Vanessa,

    I'm just writing to confirm that you got my reply from 11-05-- the Tour is 12-05 from 10am to 3pm. Would you mind dropping me a line at Nicholas (at) Hepnova [dot] com with the below info as soon as you can? We're going to print very soon.

    Thanks and have a great evening,


    1) An email address and phone number where we can reach you if necessary

    2) Any special rules you'd like visitors to follow as they visit your site from 10am to 3pm on December 5

    3) If you would, please give us some details about how you got into urban livestock / agriculture and any amusing anecdotes about your coop and its inhabitants; this info will be used in the booklet.

    Also, if you have an HOA that we should contact for clearance, please also provide their contact info. Thanks so much; we really appreciate your participation!

    Have a great evening and looking forward to hearing from you soon,
  • Can you post a pic of this plucker. I would love to see it!
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Kelly Liston replied to Vanessa Rice's discussion Chicken Plucker in Micro Livestock
"Hi Vanessa!

Do you still rent out your plucker??

Jul 18, 2016
Vanessa Rice replied to Vanessa Rice's discussion Poultry Plucker for duck chickens and turkeys in Micro Livestock
"Hi Christie,
My email address is"
Nov 9, 2012
Christie Carroll replied to Vanessa Rice's discussion Poultry Plucker for duck chickens and turkeys in Micro Livestock
"I would like more information. Can you send me your email address?"
Nov 9, 2012
Vanessa Rice replied to Rachel's discussion Treadle feeder plans in Micro Livestock
"additional plans 82 pages worth of detailed instructions and photos"
Jun 12, 2012
Vanessa Rice replied to Kari Spencer's discussion Do I need a rodent-proof feeder for my chickens? in Micro Livestock
"if you are looking for plans they are here:

If you are looking for a finished unit then western ranchman carries them and here are the directions:
Directions for use:

Congratulations on your…"
Jun 12, 2012
Vanessa Rice left a comment for Heather T
"Hi Heather,
I only teach classes and yes we have all of the equipment that you would need to butcher your own birds and we typically rent the gear out (plucker, scalder, killing cones etc..) to people that have attended our class. We do not allow…"
Nov 19, 2011
Vanessa Rice left a comment for Liz & Dan
"Hi Liz,

Will do and thank you!

Oct 31, 2011
Vanessa Rice replied to Sue Wefel's discussion Question about egg laying in Micro Livestock
"My Auracaunas took FOREVER to start laying. I did some research and found this to be a common issue with the breed. However once they did start laying they have proven to be great layers and very consistent.

Sep 24, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to Lisette Volkmar's discussion Muscovy Drake Dilemma in Micro Livestock
"My feelings and experience on this is he will continue to get worse not better even when he is able to accomplish his goal. Your hens will suffer more and more at his continued advances and really in my opinion you would be better off without him…"
Sep 22, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to David Mericle, Karl Barton's discussion butchering ducks in Micro Livestock
"Actually Ducks are quite a bit different than ducks to do. The scalding temps, feather plucking and killing methods are very different. If you have never processed and butchered a chicken then attempting ducks is a tall order. Chris's comments are…"
Sep 21, 2009
Vanessa Rice left a comment for Krissypink
"Hi Krissy did you find homes for all of your girls yet?

Sep 17, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to Faith Ballard's discussion Wood shavings in Micro Livestock
"ooops forgot to also say they will load your pickup."
Sep 17, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to Faith Ballard's discussion Wood shavings in Micro Livestock
"Jordan's Horsebedding. 623-247-9005 they deliver in as small as 10 yards."
Sep 16, 2009
Vanessa Rice posted a discussion in Micro Livestock
Hi There,our new batch of hens have just started laying and they are doing really well! I have 11 hens all laying brown eggs. I am getting an average of 8 eggs a day and I this will only get better as they hit their prime. I have been thinking of…
Sep 9, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to Monica's discussion Weevils in the chicken feed - is this a normal occurrence? in Micro Livestock
"Monica you really are not cut out for chicken raising from the sound of your post seriously they are eevills and totally benign."
Aug 21, 2009
Vanessa Rice replied to Nicholas DiBiase's discussion Calling all chicken / duck / small fowl owners! Looking for Tour de Coops destinations! in Micro Livestock
"I would be interested in putting my Cave creek property on the list.

Aug 19, 2009