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Jeff Adams replied to Alison McKee's discussion Composted Manure for Sale in Soil Builders
"Alison's compost is the Best !  Have already added it to my routine a couple times...
-Jeff Adams"
Feb 23, 2016
Jeff Adams replied to chris trammell's discussion In search of native grasses in Native & Perennial Foods
"Fyi Only, You can find some natives grasses at Desert Survivors Nursery in Tucson as a backup plan, though sounds like you hope to source something cheap or only seed..."
Sep 7, 2015
Jeff Adams replied to Jessica Smith's discussion Water Conservation in Water
"Arizona's situation !  :) "
Mar 19, 2015
Jeff Adams replied to Catherine, The Herb Lady's discussion Easy and fast Marmalade in Growing Gourmet
"I read that article the other day in Edible Phoenix celebrating the Lemon...not only included that great marmalade recipe, but also a good recipe for making Limoncello; which it the tasty digestive drink they serve at the end of meals at Pomo…"
Feb 28, 2015
Jeff Adams left a comment on Seed Group
"Looking for source this late winter for just 4 +/- affordable Straw Bales, "preferably" an organic source.   Also, may be looking for some Wood Chips without having to take on an entire load & am willing perhaps to travel to pick them up.  Thank You"
Feb 18, 2015
Jeff Adams posted a discussion in Native & Perennial Foods
Looking for just 4 +/- reasonably affordable straw bales (organic "preferably" but not required) to purchase at this late winter time of year.   I live in Tempe.As a secondary item, may be looking for a source of free or affordable clean wood chips…
Feb 18, 2015
Jeff Adams replied to Rachel Brumitt's discussion Soil Testing in Soil Builders
"Motzz laboratories...have all the state of the art roughly 36th St & Broadway"
Sep 22, 2014
Jeff Adams replied to Catherine, The Herb Lady's discussion Chia Jam in Growing Gourmet
"Whew !  Is it still hot out...c'mon gardening season !...getting anxious & ready to plant here :)   Nice article & website should write a local, native herbal cookbook--and assemble all these great posts--Catherine, with your…"
Sep 1, 2014
Jeff Adams left a comment on Rare & Exotic Fruiting Plants
"one of the gals who's home was featured on the Arcadia Farm tour had some success with the Bacon Avocado variety....she had small fruits on it this year during the tour...I think she said wind damage destroyed one of her previous yr was…"
Jun 2, 2014
Jeff Adams replied to green shoes's discussion Testing your soil for Verticillum and/or Fusarium Wilts in Soil Builders
"Contact Thelma Sadaang At Motzz Laboratories in East Phoenix. She is a longtime client of mine; I sold her facility to her. She is a longtime established, top notch soil testing lab.  As Catherine states, you may have to test the plant, but I would…"
May 28, 2014
Jeff Adams left a comment on Rare & Exotic Fruiting Plants
"You might consider the more dwarf,somewhat native mulberry, Morus Microphylla...beautiful tree that does well in metro Phoenix with small, maple-lik shaped leaves...unfortunately, the one I currently have is not a fruiting female, but I had I a…"
Apr 24, 2014
Jeff Adams left a comment for Diann Peart
"Hi Diann..saw an event down the street on Wilson posted & could not recall your exact address but simply wondered if you might be involved (?)  Hope you are well.  Haven't done much here of late; organization just feels as though it might be going…"
Apr 11, 2014
Jeff Adams replied to Morgan Coffinger's discussion Bokashi Composting! in Soil Builders
"Great to see the new product !  (And love the purple/wind shutters on the home :)"
Sep 15, 2013
Jeff Adams replied to grrlscout's discussion Liqueurs - e.g. Nocino / Vin de Noix in Growing Gourmet
"Great stuff...I am on my way to the liquor cabinet...:)  Have never made limoncello, but all sounds great..thx for the post"
Jul 31, 2013
Jeff Adams replied to Kevin Dukes's discussion Sulphur for pH reduction in Soil Builders
"Good thread :)...common problem out here....
Where did u get ur soil tested ?  I might recommend Thelma @ Motzz Laboratories in East Phx...a client that I put in their facility who I know often comes highly recommended....she has been established…"
Jul 30, 2013
Jeff Adams replied to Grace Marie Newton's discussion Baked Dandalion Chips in Growing Gourmet
""sea salt"  :)"
Apr 19, 2013