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  • Hi Renu,

    Thank you for remembering me. things have changed @ GCCS since you were there. Tim left for greener pastures and a fellow gardener Ed Mendoza who came into your position is now the new garden coordinator.

    I am still @ Ira Hayes High School in the garden coordinator role. I was hoping to attend last Saturdays class, but something came up and that moved the class out of my reach. I haven't been able to volunteer or attend classes as much as in years past, but since you are the new PDC coordinator I/m sure I will run into you at an upcoming event. I am hoping to catch the Mesquite milling event this time around....any idea if a date has been set?

    Be Well,


  • That would be awesome!  I love fermenting and I'll look forward to discussing it with you.  I'll bring some to the potluck for sampling.  

    It was so nice to hear of everything that you're doing for the VPA!  It's much appreciated!

  • My husband was in a car accident last week and things are really crazy around here.  Since I am doing his chores + mine + everything else.... I really would hope you can wait a week before coming out.  Please email me at  ,  I will get back to you when I know I will be home and not running for him.... SOrry.

  • Thank you. I am looking around, collecting scrap lumber. I love your tree picture.

  • BTW I have several friends in Chandler and could organize letters, council visits or other needed activites.  I have worked for the City of Chandler for 14 years.  There are some rules about my own advocacy as an employee but I can work through my surrogate (my better half Shannon).   I have found it is all about citizens pressuring council to make things happen.  Of course keeping the staff infomed and included is critical too.

  • Yes, we want to help.  My friend recommended inviting Chandler City Council to attend the Tour de Coop to build awareness.   We live in North Chandler, just relocated from Tempe. Anything we can do, we will.

  • Renu, 

    How'd it go?  Can't wait to hear about it....will you be at the next TdC to share the info?


  • Seriously, thanks for sharing this...its exactly what I've been looking for in terms of volunteer and community type involvement. Looking forward to learning more.


  • Renu, 

    Welcome to the online community!  You're prolific gurrrl, I love it ;)


  • hey friend! Welcome to the VPA!!

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