I had Senator David Farnsworth in my home twice now. Once to see my backyard farm and another time to meet with 14 of some of my most influential friends.He is teaching us how to make the changes necessary to regain our right to produce food in our backyard. This includes chickens, rabbits, miniature livestock. Now matter what city in Arizona. 

We were given the challenge to bring as many of our friends to a meeting Saturday October 19th at 7:00. It will be at the Shoppers in Chandler on Queen Creek Rd and Alma School Rd. The senator will be there to lead us through how to take our frustration and turn it into focus. The focus will be to move on each City as a group from all over the state. He will lead the State level and alert us of each step of who and when to call/email. 

No matter what city you live in, please come and bring all your friends.    

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  • I wish I saw this earlier.

    We really must do something!

    Let me know if there is more events to follow.

    • I am group support for Backyard Farmers United. Please come to our facebook page and ask to join. That is where Galen is giving us all the updates. The bill should be going to the House committee in the next week or two. We will need all the support that we can get.

      Invite your friends too please.


      Backyard Farmers United
      *The Homegrown Freedom Act* is a Group of Bills for the State of Arizona, the sole purpose is to restore property rights. The right to grow and raise…
  • This is a follow- up to the meeting at the Shopper's in Chandler. We are starting all over again with the "Chickens in Chandler" Thank you Renu for that name.

    This second round will be called "Chickens for Chandler". We have people planning on showing up to the City Council meeting on Thursday Dec 12th. Please come and bring your car full. The meeting  is at 7:00pm. If your friends cannot come, bring their signatures. 


  • This is to follow up-After the Shopper's meeting a group of pro-chicken people have been talking to the City of Gilbert. February 5th is the day that the City Planner of Gilbert will be addressing the Planning Commission in favor of backyard Chickens for residents in Gilbert. We need everyone to show up. They do ask you where you live. We need a large show of people to encourage the Commission to push this matter on to the City Council. Please mark this on your calendar and bring your car full of people 



    • I can show up and say that I live in Phoenix, but I am looking for a city that more friendly to backyard chickens (which is 100% true).  So if it is better than Phoenix, then they can compete for my citizenship.  :)

    • There you go Kelly!

  • The direction many city's are going is towards police state.  I will make every attempt to be at the Chandler City Council meeting.   I would like to avoid the scenario in the attached article for all of us.  For me, my girls are pets and they do respond to their name.  Sometimes they actually come running from wherever they were lounging.   Here is one of the many articles about a fellow chicken raiser.  http://www.naturalnews.com/035524_Andrew_Wordes_Roswell_chickens.html       Apparently, this is happening much more often everywhere.  What happened to our freedom?   At the risk of sounding like I wear foil hats....it smells like a larger initiative to control people for some kind  of  global  control of food  starting in the cities?   

    • I agree with both Kelly and Angie. It is not right that the poor in Phoenix do not have the right to own chickens in Phoenix. I think that we need to use this frustration to band together and make changes while we are still a democracy and have the right to assemble and to show our cities that this is what we want. Many of these fights are shouted down by HOAs who are concerned that if the City votes for chickens, then the people may want to change the by-laws of the HOAs. The City does not trump the HOAs, so why are they worrying about that. When did the people fall asleep and allow their rights to be taken away in the first place. It isnot too late, but we need numbers to make a difference.

      My challenge to you is, if you want things to change, then show up. There is a movement here, here is your chance. Come and be part of it. Help your neighboring cities. If Gilbert votes in chickens, then it is more likely that Chandler will reconsider, their previous decision. If Gilbert and Chandler both allow chicken, then who is next. Who is with us?


  • Though I am working with the City of Chandler group, I went to the Gilbert meeting tonight to show support to my Gilbert friends. Several people showed up. Many of them have offered to get organized with each other to work together and continue to watch as the City of Gilbert goes through the steps of changing their zoning laws. Though I am not a Gilbert resident, I will continue to attend meetings with my friends. I am looking forward to learn more as I show support. I would encourage all of those who have chickens to help. Those of you who want chickens, but are not yet allowed to keep them, please come and learn how to get your laws changed.


  • Related to this is an issue in Gilbert.
    Tomorrow night the Town of Gilbert will be addressing the chicken issue. They will either vote to amend the zoning regulations to make chicken ownership easier (making the location of coops more reasonable, allowing roosters, and reducing the lot size required for poultry.), or will be voting for a continuance until the 8th. We need to show up in support of the amendment vote. If they vote for a continuance, we need to find out why, and to see if there is any opposition...and who the opposition is.  The more numbers we have in attendance, the greater our strength! We need people from all cities to attend!
    Gilbert Municipal Center I, Council Chambers, Second Floor
    50 E Civic Center Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85296
    Wednesday, December 4, 2013, Regular Meeting: 6:00 p.m.,
    http://www.gilbertaz.gov/townhall/boards/planning/#120413 Agenda item  #12
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