Chickens in Chandler, oh my!

Please help make backyard chicken raising legal in Chandler!

Some friends and I are on the city council's agenda for a study session the 13th of August at 7p.m. Come one, come all to help support this cause!

Anyone who wants 3 minutes to speak gets 3 minutes, or you can even get added to the agenda yourself; make a quick call to the city clerk at 480-782-2180. The latter is only for Chandler city residents, presumably. Otherwise anyone who wants to show support should come.

Is there anyone in the healthcare profession that could dispel the fear of backyard chickens leading to bird flu and such? This is a void we need filled...

We plan to meet at a friends' place at 6 o'clock that evening to plan strategy; any and all are welcome to join. If you can attend, I'll send you the address directly.

as for Chandler City Hall's location:

Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

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  • City Council is voting on this TONIGHT! We narrowly made it though the Planning and Zoning Commission, and I hear on all fronts that people PRESENT and SUPPORTING this could sway the vote! Come on down to Chandler City Hall tonight for a 7 o'clock meeting. You can sign a card simply stating you are in favor, or on the same card check that you'd like to speak.

    Please spread the word to friends and family that live in Chandler. We need as much support as we can get! Hope to see you there....

    Top right of this page shows the location of Council Chambers.

  • No significant update, unfortunately, but here is an article that appeared online and in print in the AZ Republic the other day. I hear it got picked up by a couple non-local syndicates! Crazy.

    news article about chickens in Chandler

  • How did it go?

    • It went well. Unfortunately we were unable to show the video. They couldn't use YouTube, as we talked about, but also couldn't use Dropbox. I got a voicemail at 5:08 p.m. asking if I could bring a "hardcopy". Drew had already put it on a thumb drive, but we couldn't make it by when they needed it; had they asked earlier in the day...

      Otherwise, this is what I posted a bit ago in another thread:

      There is not too much to update on right now; it is a looong process. Several of us showed our support and spoke last night, and there is forward momentum. The next steps are to continue bringing this to the forefront (I'll keep you posted on future meetings) and getting the 2 gentleman charged with the city's internal efforts together with experts and hopefully getting them out to some coops. I have extended an invitation to make both of those things happen....

      Thanks for checking in, Becky. I'll let you know if any Chandler city official wants to take you up on a coop tour!

  • UPDATE! The address I gave you before is correct for Chandler's City Hall (which BTW is a LEED building, utilizes greywater, etc), but here are more specific directions to get to the council chambers. It is across a courtyard from the main building; the specific location is:,+Chandler,+AZ...

    There is plenty of free parking in the area.

    Upon arrival, if you are an unscheduled speaker (which is totally fine/allowed), you will fill out a simple form to get a 3 minute slot to speak. When you fill out this form, you need to put #5 in the line about the scheduled speaker you are accompanying. I will be there greeting people and helping with this. Go to my page to get a glimpse of what I look like...

    I hope many of you can make the meeting, and again, we are also gathering at 6 o'clock at Joe and Sheila's to get organized prior to going to City Hall. I can send people their address as needed.....

    Thanks for all your support and help!

  • I'm in Gilbert, but I hope you succeed. It seems a (Chandler-based) vet could dispel the myths.

    Things to bring to their attention (you already know these, but they don't) include:

    • Chickens are allowed in all surrounding cities and there have been not outbreaks of illnesses.
    • The main concern with chickens is the rooster's noise, but you don't need a rooster. Most cities have a limit of 4-6 hens, and no roosters.
    • The health benefits of home-raised eggs is well known, and chickens help to reduce pesticides by eating bugs. In other words, they're good for the health and good for the environment. (I'm sure Chandler is environmentally sensitive.)
    • Parrots, dogs, and children are noisier than chickens.
    • The argument about them being farm animals is moot, too, because dogs and children are also raised on farms. :)

    Let's hope that the council make decisions based on fact, not emotion and fear. If you Google, "make chickens legal," there are all sorts of articles on successful efforts in other towns, and resources and information that can dispel the myths. Here's a good one:

    Good luck!

    • Sheri- Parts of your list made me chuckle out loud. :D

      We have compiled a bunch of information, but the more we have, the better. Thanks for the article and well wishes. And asking a vet to dispel myths related to chickens is a great idea. For that matter, Chandler was founded by a vet and was heavily agriculture based!

      If I may ask, do you keep chickens? The Transportation and Development Director and City Planner of Chandler (the gentlemen that are spearheading the city's internal push) are looking for coops to tour to see what this is all about 1st hand. Anyone who has chickens kept within the confines of their city's laws can help with this! Please! Thanks!

    • I might be able to show them my coop.  I'm in a subdivision in Gilbert, but our lot is 1/2 acre.  I have 7 chickens right now.  I use deep litter in the coop and they free-range during the day. 

      You can see a picture of my coop on my page.

    • That would be great, Becky. I'll 'friend' you so we can potentially arrange something.

    • Would you want to show them this video?  My home schooled daughter made it.

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