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  • FYI... article on chickens in Chandler

  • Hi, Michelle.

    Can you go ahead and organize your friends to write letters to City Council? I will be presenting them with Tour de Coops tickets soon, and I want to bombard them in a positive way from all fronts.

    I will keep you posted as to if these should all be mailed or if there is a meeting we can conveniently attend.


  • Indeed! On all fronts. My friend Joe has been to a City Council meeting twice, and the last time I got a small group together together to show support- 6 of us. We will go again (TBD) and presenting letters and having more folks would be great. We have given them a ton of print information about why raising chickens is great and what surrounding cities allow.

    I am on the TdC committee and have extended an invitation for council members to attend. I have also extended an offer to arrange private tours for them in the interim. No one has taken me up on that... Yet...

    Look forward to meeting you and Shannon soon. We'll fight the good fight together! :)

  • Hey, Michelle. Kat, the VPA's illustrious Volunteer Coordinator, referred me to you because I am working with a small group of people to change Chandler's chicken laws. Wanna help? We are at a bit of a standstill right now, but there has been progress since we started. It'd be great to have some more folks on board! Hope to cross paths with you soon. :)

  • Thank you for choosing to join the Valley Permaculture Alliance, a local 501C3 non-profit education organization that offers classes, training, activities, tours, events and demonstrations on various aspects of sustainable living around the Greater Phoenix Valley. You can read more about the VPA on the ‘About Us’ page, sign up for our newsletter,  and explore the many groups and resources this Ning “social networking site” has to offer, as well as customize your own Profile Page and connect with new like-minded friends.


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    We offer a variety of classes to our members on requested fee basis ($15 or more) that goes toward venue hard-costs, also to our experienced and knowledgeable instructors, as well as to support the non-profit in providing quality education for improving our health, our communities and environment. See what classes you may be interested in attending by clicking our events tab, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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    Welcome to the VPA!


    Stacey Lillebo

    Outreach Coordinator

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Michelle Mac Lennan left a comment for Renu Kaur Sidhu
"BTW I have several friends in Chandler and could organize letters, council visits or other needed activites.  I have worked for the City of Chandler for 14 years.  There are some rules about my own advocacy as an employee but I can work through my…"
Aug 29, 2012
Michelle Mac Lennan left a comment for Renu Kaur Sidhu
"Yes, we want to help.  My friend recommended inviting Chandler City Council to attend the Tour de Coop to build awareness.   We live in North Chandler, just relocated from Tempe. Anything we can do, we will."
Aug 29, 2012