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P.A. replied to Laura Quinn's discussion FREE PAIR OF DUCKS in Micro Livestock
"we can take them!"
Dec 8, 2010
P.A. replied to Donna Bruce's discussion Truly organic feed? in Micro Livestock
"Also, plant grass--that will save you a ton on the cost of feed--and it is organic as long as you don't put anything on it! Just don't buy the treated seeds from Home Depot :)
Really anything green is great--clover, alfalfa, flax--just grow…"
Nov 30, 2010
P.A. replied to Stephanie's discussion Chickens and Scorpions in Micro Livestock
"YES!! I have!! My husband and I were moving a fish tank and underneath pops--no joke---a 5 inch long scorpion--tail furled ready to strike! My chicken eyeballs it and starts chasing it as I'm yelling, "no silly chicken get away--it stings!"--there…"
Oct 20, 2010
P.A. replied to Kelly Walentiny's discussion What breed is this rooster? in Micro Livestock
"I agree--mutt--looks like an americauna in some of the feathering and face...either VERY careful...he's got RED eyes! I have 8 roosters and it seems like the aggressive ones always have red eyes....(silly theory I know) americauna…"
Oct 20, 2010
P.A. replied to Carrie's discussion Anyone out there have dairy goats and use natural wormers?? in Micro Livestock
"For a totally different opinion...we don't worm--we don't think it is neccesary--worms that animals get (and people too) only survive in a sick animal--if the animal is healthy the worms can't survive. This is the same for people. Try and replicate…"
Oct 20, 2010
P.A. replied to Ray Reeves's discussion Are there any Aquaponic systems here in Phoenix that are available to look at? in Aquaponics
"Hi! My husband and I would love to "grow" our own fish--this sounds like an amazing way...if the offer stands for us as well we would like to come out too some time. We are probably really far--we are out by the Hassayampa River in Wittmann. We…"
Oct 20, 2010