• I'd never though of charting production on a daily basis.

    Ours have been pretty consistent. We have low days and high days, of course, but of our 9 layers, we're averaging 7 eggs/day. On any given day, one is on vacation from laying for a time and another one or two take the day off. We have four more who should be starting soon.

  • This chart is so cool. Looks like its based on 12 hens? At the moment, we're down to one hen and she's been laying regularly for the past 2 and a half to 3 weeks. 

    • This is based on 17 hens, 5 of which are just starting to lay.

      Assumptions: Hens lay 6 eggs per week starting around 6 months old. At 18 months, they reduce by one egg per week every six months.

      Does anyone have better data than that?

    • Cool chart. :) I would guess the weird laying has more to do with the new layers getting into a regular laying pattern, though the rainy days can slow things down a tiny bit.

      What breed(s) do you have? That will affect your data.

  • I'm impressed with your spreadsheet.

  • great chart, thanks for the idea

  • That chart is so cool! My two old girls had started to lay again about 3-4 weeks ago. Now one of them has stopped again the past 2 weeks. I can't figure it out.  :)  ????

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