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I live in Chandler, new the VPA and I am very passionate about eating local foods. I am a certified health coach and have learned through years of studying that the best way to get the most nutritious, least toxic and best tasting foods are fro

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free 4 year old hens

My 3 hens are no longer laying. They have had a fine life, a nice sized coop, organic feed, plenty of pre-composted fruit & veggie bits from our gardens, yard time every day to run around, misters & fans in the summer. They are about 4.5 years old, h

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chickens and fertilizer

I have had chickens for 4 years now (nope, not getting so many eggs anymore but that's the way it goes). I used to have such a lovely rose garden in the back yard and used commercial fertilizers. With the chickens I moved to compost tea and added com

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Chicken Mud Baths

I have observed our chickens going nuts over a small patch of wet ground. They all roll in it and sit in it. I have seen them do the same thing with dust, but they seem to prefer a little mud now and then. A quick internet search tells me this is to

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Goopy eyed chicken

Hi All,

I'm new to chickens and I have stalked this forum for some time, and recently decided to become a member! :) I have a chicken health related question.


We bought a house this summer complete with a gorgeous coop and run area and 4 bright happy

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