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Healthy Chocolate Puddings

Hi All,

My friends have been telling me I have to share what I've been doing with chocolate and cauliflower.  I've been blending tofu into chocolate pudding since I watched Alton Brown do it on Good Eats... but I kept wondering what else I could use?

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Juicer Pulp

Hello, My friend with the peach tree has now bestowed upon me two bags of Anna apples.  I juiced most of them and would like to find a good recipe for using the apple pulp.  What do you foodies do with juicer pulp?  Especially fruit pulp.  I did find

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Making Rumtopf

Anyone doing/done this?  My friend's peach tree is giving us LOTS of very yummy fruit but we can't keep up with it.  In past years I've cut and frozen it but was looking for something different.  I have a crock that I think will work so I'm going to

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Chia Jam

This showed up on facebook via Bee Oasis and I thought it was such a good idea I thought I would post here.

Chia seeds gel this refrigerator jam.  Chia is a plant native to Arizona :-)

The creator of the recipe notes she had in mind refined sugar when

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growing comfrey

Hello Everyone,

I was not sure where to post my comment, but thought this one might work :]

I am currently growing comfrey.  I wanted to bring it up because I know there had been some question about whether or not it could grow here (at least a couple

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