I just saw a review of the most recent of these books and it is right up my alley because I do small batch preserving and I thought you all might find it helpful too.


Here is the review I read:


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  • Thank you so much for sharing! I have always wanted to give preserving a try and I love that her instructions are for small batches! 

    • Peggy that is a great video and takes some of the fear out for folks who would like to try canning.

      Jacq - really the whole idea of small batch just works so well for me and in general our desert gardening - we don't have to try to do it all in a 60 day window in the fall like 4 season gardeners need to do, we can preserve as we harvest all through the year.

    • So true! Especially my garden is just starting up so my harvest is pretty small.

  • Thanks Catherine.  I just watched her on this video and I'd like to get her book.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39TZVwXiWn0

    • Oh, great Peggy - I have it noted and will watch later. Thanks for posting that.

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