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  • Hi Jeff, we should start an 85254 permies group. I think my anna apple breaking dormancy late has more to do with it being its first year in the ground. At least that's what I'm hoping for...Good luck to you in all your gardening adventures.

  • Thank you Jeff. Please keep me on your list of interested parties for both the plants. Have a good weekend.
  • Hi sorry I didn't see your question. As for the figs drying and falling off..what a bummer. I didn't have that problem...and now that we have about 7 peters' honeys figs...I hope we have the same success. What about posting a question for discussion? Or perhaps by this time you found out your answer...if so, let me know. Another thought would be to call Bakers Nursery....I find them incredibly helpful as well.
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jeff lauffer replied to Kevin Dukes's discussion Sulphur for pH reduction in Soil Builders
"Maybe someone can confirm this for sure but upon further research I think it was Fertizona."
Jul 30, 2013
jeff lauffer replied to Kevin Dukes's discussion Sulphur for pH reduction in Soil Builders
"I got mine from a farm supply company out in Wadell. It was around 15$ for a 50lb bag. Cant remember what the name of the Company was. There used to be a thread on here but it got removed. Im sure there is someone on here that knows the name of the…"
Jul 30, 2013
jeff lauffer replied to Liz & Dan's discussion Bermuda Grass as Ayurvedic Herb - article by Deborah Brandt in Native & Perennial Foods
"There are some interesting benefits mentioned, I wonder which of the varieties we tipically use in the Valley are genetically modified? TifWay, tifGrand , Midiron, Bobsod etc.."
Aug 10, 2012
jeff lauffer replied to Robert Brown's discussion Eggplant in Soil Builders
"I have the same variety. Mine are not turning orange but I have had varieties turn yellow before, it sounds to me like you have waited to long to pick them. Pick one and cut it open and see if it is really seedy. My Black beauties didn't get as big…"
Jul 1, 2012