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  • Hi Terri
    You can reach me at 602-540-3773 cell when you get back.
  • Terri Larsen
    I just saw your note. I think Peter Shifman is a great person and
    I always appreciated his kind assistance. The last time I spoke
    with him was when he purchased acreage in Domenica.
    I gather that is going well. Send me an e mail if you are still in town
    Frank Oct 12,2009
  • Hi Terri, That is too funny as I just looked at all your wonderful pictures this morning and thought to myself what a great oasis in the desert. What kind of chickens do you recommend? I wrote up what I have right now to Rachel. What do you have in stock? I'm new to this but am loving it! Susan
  • Yes, Cris, that was fun, no I don't mind, it is a good shot of him wasn't it? It was good seeing you again. Talk to you soon!
  • Hello Ms. Larsen: Yes we should, and I am trying. I have to go right now, but I will write later and tell you what I am doing. Thnx for getting me to the Capitol on Tues. I had fun, and met Dan. Happy days----charly
  • Terri, Has been awhile since we crossed paths. Not since the Green Expo at the Stadium I think! I've been in overwhelmed mode for some time, but things are beginning to loosen up time-wise. Looks like you've got a lot goin' on too!
    Peace to you and yours,
  • HI Terri:
    Thanks for replying. no problem about not doing it so quickly! I'm still interested and will head over to AKA green if I get a chance this week--unfortunately I'm headed outta town for the entire month of Sept, so if you don't hear back from me until October, don't think I'm ignoring you..Wishing you huge success in your design sand consultation business
  • Are you selling rain barrels that would be acceptable to an HOA? Thanks for your help..Cheers, MARY HISLOP
  • Hi Terri!
    Hope all is well. I got a job with an architectural firm and doing well. Finally graduated. Have a great day!
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TERRI LARSEN replied to TERRI LARSEN's discussion Cool Idea for Rabbits, and other Small Animals, would a Chicken use it? in Micro Livestock
"Will do! I think if you use a larger cooler it might work..."
Jun 10, 2009
Jay Headley replied to TERRI LARSEN's discussion Cool Idea for Rabbits, and other Small Animals, would a Chicken use it? in Micro Livestock
"Wow. I would have never of thought of that. I guess a chicken would use it, might be too small for multiple chickens. Try it and let us know how it goes!"
Jun 10, 2009
TERRI LARSEN posted a discussion in Micro Livestock
OK, saw this one at Superstition Farm today:Take a medium to large cooler, cut a hole large enough for a rabbit or other small animal to fit through. Then put a plastic bottle (water bottle, soda, or any other kind of 16 oz or larger bottle) frozen…
Jun 10, 2009
TERRI LARSEN left a comment for Stephanie Daniels-Lilly
"Cool, Stephanie, glad you liked them! If you are really bored, why don't you check out these sites:

The Transition Initiative is looking for some volunteer help in Admin for the site. Transition is basically…"
May 16, 2009