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Julie Anand left a comment for Julie Hampton
"Hi Julie H. Yes I am wearing many hats as well and some not as festive as I would like. I took the PDC Design course last Spring. Hey come to my show at the ASU Art Museum this Friday and tell me what you think. xo"
Oct 5, 2009
Julie Anand left a comment for Julie Hampton
"Hi Julie! Julie the poetess? This is the Julie who works with Angela E and Jim Hajicek. Hope you are well and good to see you in this earthy context. I love the guild."
Sep 12, 2009
Julie Anand left a comment for Tori L. Martori
"Hey Tori! That is so amazing the way you immediately applied what we learned and working with young people no doubt multiplies that ripple effect. I'd love to see the garden and talk curriculum...this Fall after Oct 9th? (cooler out and that's after…"
Jul 17, 2009
Julie Anand left a comment for Ericka
"Awesome! Thanks for the info and for thinking about me...Not much going on with the hot tub conversion plans...busy as a bee in the art work and play areas...I will send an invite for when the show I'm working on opens locally in October...So hope…"
Jul 16, 2009
Julie Anand left a comment for Ericka
"Hi Ericka! This is Julie from the PDC class that ryan helped out within...remember me? Sorry I fell off the radar for a spell...I've been swamped...Hope you are well! I tried too to send a message to the last permie group thanking them for letting…"
Jul 16, 2009
Julie Anand replied to Heather Welch's discussion Mesquite Bean walk about in Native & Perennial Foods
"Dear Heather and Jennifer,

I was at the Mesquite Bean Harvest walk about a few weeks ago and the beans were not quite ready. I haven't checked in with the Guild lately...Did you all already re-visit Granada Park and harvest or are we still waiting…"
Jun 29, 2008
Julie Anand left a comment for Julie Anand
"Thanks, Jennifer, for the quick answers!
PS—Your images are very inspiring. Look forward to meeting you at some event in the not too distant future!"
Jun 4, 2008