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  • I am grateful that you attended my Rainbarrel Workshop. Would you please check to make sure that you have only one white barrel lid? I have an extra barrel that is missing it's lid. Please check inside your barrel because the lid will fit inside as well!



  • Hi Rebecca, 

    Welcome to the VPA!  Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We're excited to have a strong connection with the Master Gardener community.  We have lots of events through-out the year that often times require us to have volunteers who have a strong foundation in plant knowledge, so we're always looking to our wonderful MGs. As-a-matter-of-fact we currently have a strong need for MGs and MG Interns for the two upcoming Shade Tree events.  

    We ask MGs to be present and available for when workshop participants have questions regarding which tree(s) would best suit their needs.  The participants can choose between: native mesquite, thornless mesquite, blue palo verde, thornless palo verde (desert museum), willow acacia, and desert acacia.

    The two shade tree events coming-up are:

    4/14/2012 - Communiversity (Surprise) - 

    4/21/2012 - Herrera School (South/Central Phoenix) - bilingual volunteers needed especially.
    Please let me know if you'd like to volunteer for the above events.
    The best way to stay abreast of all VPA Volunteer Opportunities is to go to the "Groups" tab and sign up to join the Volunteer Group.
    I look forward to working with you.
    Kat Farris
    VPA Volunteer Coordinator
  • Thank you for choosing to join the Valley Permaculture Alliance, a local 501C3 non-profit education organization that offers classes, training, activities, tours, events and demonstrations on various aspects of sustainable living around the Greater Phoenix Valley. You can read more about the VPA on the ‘About Us’ page, sign up for our newsletter,  and explore the many groups and resources this Ning “social networking site” has to offer, as well as customize your own Profile Page and connect with new like-minded friends.


    You’re encouraged to browse the discussions, blogs, videos, comments to get a feel for our incredibly resourceful community, and to share your interests as well. There are many volunteer opportunities to assist with classes and events, so please let me know if you are interested in helping out when available.


    We offer a variety of classes to our members on requested fee basis ($15 or more) that goes toward venue hard-costs, also to our experienced and knowledgeable instructors, as well as to support the non-profit in providing quality education for improving our health, our communities and environment. See what classes you may be interested in attending by clicking our events tab, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


    Welcome to the VPA!


    Stacey Lillebo

    Outreach Coordinator

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Rebecca Rabideau replied to Chad's discussion Dead Chickens in Micro Livestock
"I second what Catherine says about a wading pool or similar structure to hold cool water for the chickens to stand in to cool off.  I use the cut off bottoms of the garbage cans I used for compost bins, and put ice in them periodically throughout…"
Jul 16, 2015
Rebecca Rabideau replied to Volunteer Manager's discussion July Volunteer Opportunities
"Is there anything different I need to know about volunteering as class assistant at Practical Art rather than the VPA offices? Are we just taking cash or will the credit card machine be available?  Thanks!"
Jul 10, 2013
Rebecca Rabideau replied to Volunteer Manager's discussion July Volunteer Opportunities
"I will volunteer for the Growing Gorgeous Fig Trees class.  I have been a class assistant once before."
Jul 2, 2013
Rebecca Rabideau replied to Volunteer Manager's discussion May Volunteer Opportunities
"If there is still room, I'd like to volunteer for the 5/16 Fruit Trees workshop.  I have not volunteered before.  I am a Master Gardener so I do have experience helping out with these kinds of events. Thanks!"
May 13, 2013
Rebecca Rabideau replied to K. Neil's discussion Thai Red Roselles in Growing Gourmet
"The young leaves are also good raw- they have a lemony tang.  We grew them at the Cooperative Extension Office demonstration garden this year and they grew really well.  The seeds came from India I believe- I doubt you would find plants anywhere!"
Oct 20, 2012
Rebecca Rabideau replied to Rebecca Rabideau's discussion Foraging in Growing Gourmet
"Thank you all! "
Jul 12, 2012
Christina Heinle replied to Rebecca Rabideau's discussion Foraging in Growing Gourmet
"It's about berry time at Beaver Creek and I think I'll stop there this weekend on my way back from Flag.  Beaver Creek is off the 17 has tons of berry bushes and there's a creek to cool off in after sweating and getting marred by the bushes.  Take…"
Jul 12, 2012
Catherine, The Herb Lady replied to Rebecca Rabideau's discussion Foraging in Growing Gourmet
"Rebecca, I echo Erica's notes about private property etc.  Stay away from plants that are too near the roads - too much junk from exhausts.  The droughts have left some of the blackberry areas around Payson pretty poor.  You will need to find the…"
Jul 11, 2012
Erica D replied to Rebecca Rabideau's discussion Foraging in Growing Gourmet
"I have been using a few manuals I found on Amazon (and I think were recommended originally by other members here). Some of the big ones that are everywhere are purslane and dandelions of course!

I usually harvest from washes or at this small…"
Jul 11, 2012
Rebecca Rabideau posted a discussion in Growing Gourmet
Can anyone give me some tips on foraging wild foods in and around Phoenix?  I've just moved from New York where I used to forage for berries, wild greens, etc.  I'm very interested in places to forage prickly pear fruit, or just sources for the…
Jul 11, 2012
Rebecca Rabideau left a comment for Volunteer Manager
"Hi Kat!  Thanks for the welcome!  I'm interested in volunteering for sure, but Saturdays are out right now.  Keep asking though!  I just moved here and I do want to get involved.
Have a great weekend!

Apr 6, 2012