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  • Your blessings on our house continue to bloom - we've been enjoying greens, eggplants, peppers and more... Wish you were here, enjoying it with us.
  • hey there, well I have the same mushrooms in storage, the goldies and the porcinis. I also have a bunch of frozen lobster mushrooms.
    Mark just killed an elk , so I used a bunch of them to make elk stew . Then I canned it to bring to Gisela or the winter.
    When are you coming to AZ?
    I havent been to PHX in over 14 months, and am planning to go there as soon as I vote on tuesday, via Gisela for the night.
    I supose I wont see you , since it sounds like you are still Coasting on the West side.
    Everything is dead up here now, too cold snap. now this week it is nice, so I planted some garlic for next year.
    Just got the new fish yesterday and today.
    well, I hope to see ya some day soon!
  • Jay,
    The apple espalier technique you suggested in March--using copper wire wrapped around screws in the patio wall, and soft fabric ties to attach the tree limbs--has worked great. It even held up in the torrential rain (1" in 40 minutes) this past weekend. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions.
  • Jay, thank you for letting me know. Hopefully will see you on Saturday!
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"hey roomie! i finally got to comment on .ning today! put some more stuff on your page, so I can wonder what it is when i go back to the mountain! heh! ;) (no access from Mt. Rainier)"
Jul 5, 2008
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"i love your .ning photo! :)

i'm catching up on the haps... can't access .ning from the mountain. :(

send me an update!"
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"i'm back in Washington, working at Mt. Rainier NP for the summer... i can't access .ning from the mountain (i'm in town this weekend), so e-mail me:!

oh yea, add me to your friends!"
Jul 5, 2008
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"its funny, how people will just "show up" out of nowhere... ;)"
Jul 4, 2008
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"I think everything is worked out with Amy's move today... she's hiring a crew from Tucson to take care of it... my stuff will get moved this weekend. Thanks for offering! :)"
May 1, 2008