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In search of native grasses

Hi, I'm trying to find a source or a spot to aquire some native grasses. like az fescue,blue gama, cotton top. Reason being I want to plant a non irrigated pasture to replace an irrigated one. Native seed search has them but there expensive if I coul

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Monsoon planting

monsoon season is a good time for planting. try devil's claw, gourds, sorghum, basil, panic grass, corn, squash, beans and chiles. my I'itoi shallots are re-sprouting from their dormant stage too. rain is nice.

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Mesquite and planting edibles

Has anyone had any luck at growing edibles under mesquite tree? If so, what? I'm looking at possibly adding a mesquite on the west side of my chicken coop. I have a passion fruit vine trailing up it currently, but it isn't looking so good. The tree w

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Palo Verde Beans - Taste them now!

Hi all,

I apologize for sending you all a message - got confused on where to start a discussion here, kind of strange having the ADD button down so far past really old topics.

At any rate, I had to bathe the horse today and pulled off a few pods from t

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Canyon Grape (Vitis arizonica)

I'm wondering if anyone has experience growing this grape in the outlying areas of the Valley? I'm at just over 2000' elevation and wonder how I might get this plant, perhaps a cutting or seed. But I don't know where to find it in the wild and unsure

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