Organic Vs. Organically Grown Feed

I have been buying USDA organic layer pellets at Aden's Hay Oasis. They recently made a change to no longer carry that bag only the "organically grown" feed. It is not USDA organic so my assumption is that is is genetically modified corn products grown organically. I do NOT want GMO products. The lady looked at me like I was crazy and said everyone else just switched to the other one. Anyone else with me on this?

I now have a problem. I do not know where to find USDA organic feed from my girls. They will be eating the other until I can find it. I live in NE Mesa. I rarely if ever can get to Phoenix and or Scottsdale, my husband takes our one working car to work and I work in Chandler the two days he's off. Anyone near me get theirs and can add a bag here and there for me? Or have any suggestions on where to order?

Thanks for the help!

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  • Now there is a website for it:

    Wholesale Buy Bulk Non Soy GMO Corn Free Organic Chicken Feed for Sale Phoenix Arizona AZ
    Buy Organic Chicken Feed at Wholesale Prices offers Wholesale Buy Bulk Non Soy GMO Corn Free Organic Chicken Feed for Sale in Phoenix, Arizona AZ
    • I got mine from the group! Thank you! and the website looks great!

  • Hello Lisa

    I started a group to buy USDA certified organic feed for my birds.  This is why.....I found it was costing me more to raise a dozen eggs from my own chickens than to buy (free range organic eggs) in the store, due to the cost of organic feed.  This math didn't make sense.  Like a splinter in my mind, I went over the math and it was impossible for me to believe someone could sell the eggs for this much and be operating on a profit.

    I knew the lower priced organic feed must be out there since grocery store suppliers wouldn't sell organic eggs at a loss.  So I continued to call and call grainery after grainery all over the west coast without much luck, until one relented and offered me wholesale pricing.  Our group is getting great feed at a huge discount, saving many local backyard chicken farmers $100s of dollars on feed per month.    


    Then I started a blog on a Valley Permaculture website to see if anyone else was interested.  After one month, a small group of local backyard chicken farmers put in our first order for 5 ton of organic feed.  Volume has grown every order since.  I am told by a local poultry veteran, that the feed we receive is fresher (by 6 months) than other feeds available in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler area.  


    Hence the ordering continues and we grow each month due to the strong AZ community that exists via Valley Permaculture Alliance.  Although intiated by self interest, the group now appears to be helping over 100 backyard chicken farmers, just like you and I.  It seems it is a valuable service to the Arizona community as people begin to understand the dangers of GMOs and soy, and want to switch to organic.  


    Here are details:

    If you don't mind, please list this link as a resource as you have others above, because I am interested in helping other people who find themselves in Arizona organic chicken feed predictament.  

    Let me know if you have any questions


    • Thank you Scott! Got you on facebook now and look forward to saving some money and getting healthy feed!

    • Lisa

      If you want to receive an order form, I email them out.  All I will need is your email address and you will receive an order form in a couple of weeks, when the are sent out to everyone.  Of course I do not share your email with anyone.


    • That is awesome. Thanks for the resource, Scott.  GO COMMUNITY :) 

      I am not on Facebook, but my husband is. I will check it out for our chicken feed needs.

  • Lisa, I live in Mesa and order from Scott Brown's feed co-op.  Another woman and I are carpooling to Baker's to pick it up and I'm sure we could work something out with you if you decide to order.  Feed is ordered about every 2 months, so order accordingly.  I always order an extra bag in case of issues.

    If you'd rather order from Azure Standard, there is a drop point at Brown & Lindsay right by Mountain View High School.  I order from them each month (and also never have a problem meeting the minimum amount).

    I'll try to figure out how to PM you.  I think we have to become "friends".


  • Thank you for the information! Now looking into both options.

  • Many of us out there don't trust the USDA organic label.  Especially when it comes to crops like rapeseed (canola), corn, soybeans, and sugar beets.  The problem is that there is SO much of these crops grown conventionally with GM seed, that it's highly unlikely the "organic" versions aren't contaminated.  I simply try to avoid using any animal feeds that contain these or not.  The chicken feed we use is soy, corn, and canola free.  The current goat grain I use contains beet pulp...but I'd like to find something different, because again, practically ALL sugar beets (where beet pulp comes from) are GM. 

    It's not easy, but I look at it like this...if I'm going to the trouble to raise these animals to provide good food for my family, then I'm going to do it the best way I can.  There is a animal feed co-op that started on this page for bi-monthly orders of feed.  It's where we order chicken feed from.  Friend Scott Brown on this site and send him a message if you want to know more.  I used to buy my chicken feed from Azure, but it's more expensive. 

    • Bethany,

      Isn't the "group buy" feed canola based?  Did they change it?

      I'm currently buying the Cascade feed but it's gone up to $33!

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