Need new friendly home for three of my flock

I need to find a new home for three of my six hens. I have had to separate them from my others and it just isn't fair. They are awesome hens that deserve a less stress free environment. Two americanas and one Rhode Island Red. The Red and one of the americanas are recovering from a some "top chickening". I live in Ahwatukee and would like to find them a home soon. Thanks!

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  • Just curious--Why did you have to se

    • They were beating the two americanas up. I increased their protein after I read that chickens sometimes search for protein sources if they are short through eating feathers. I had to separate to allow them to start growing them back. It happened quickly. they have recovered a lot of them. I have tried to group them back together but to no avail. It just doesn't seem fair to the three that have been picked on. They are healthy layers though! My family will miss them. I even hand built a second coop just for them with their own run.

  • How old are the hens?

    • 1 year nine months. February 2013 is when I bought them as chicks.

    • We have 16 chickens currently but have room for 3 more. That said, because we have several already, if someone else wants them, that is ok too.

    • call or text me at 480-737-3071 when you are ready. Thanks!

    • You are first. So let me know when you want to pick them up. Thank you. They are great gals!

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