free 4 year old hens

My 3 hens are no longer laying. They have had a fine life, a nice sized coop, organic feed, plenty of pre-composted fruit & veggie bits from our gardens, yard time every day to run around, misters & fans in the summer. They are about 4.5 years old, have always been together. Alas, I have no courage to slaughter and prepare them for a lovely organic meal but will let you have them. I only ask that they be removed in tact from my premises. 

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  • Anybody know of someone who processes chickens for a fee?

  • Where are you located?  I can come and get them if it's not too far.  Will PM you.

  • Yep, it is because they are not laying. The white astrolorp has not been laying for months. The 2 red heads only for about 2 months. They have a very nice life. My purpose in having hens is for the eggs. At this age they may have a further purpose for another family. I have room mates who pinch hit for me when I am not home or work late but they are reticent to have varying age and species of hens--which I had tried previously and causes some stress (especially for the white one). So, that's the point. I have a standard sized back yard, have not added new chicks intermittently, and would start with a small batch at point-of-lay. It sounds like you have a nice group at your place. If I do not get a response to have someone pick the girls up, I will end up with old girls who hang out with the song birds and enjoy the grape leaves from vines around their coop.

  • May i please ask a question?  Why are you getting rid of your hens?  Just because they aren't laying?I have a few older hens and I figure they have earned their retirement----they will live for up to 10 years, I've been told.  And I usually add new chicks in at a regular interval to keep the egg production up.  As long as the girls are healthy and you like them--why not keep them?  (Just asking--  :-)

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