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  • Does any one know a good free source on the west side for free mulch or compost( ,anyone who has xtra seeds or starter plants they might be giving away. Im late getting my garden in and just need a few things to wrap it up before its too terribly hot. I am also a local artist who would be willing to trade art for needed items, also fresh eggs,& locally grown meat.


  • Hi everyone,

    I just want to let you know that I have beautiful brown eggs for sale. They are fed only organic feed, they are GMO and soy free, pasture raised and happy girls.  The pasture has been pesticide/herbicide free for at least 20 years. We are pretty sure there has never been chemicals used on the pasture but we only know for sure for the last 20 years, $5 per dozen.  75th Ave and Glendale area.  Call Colleen 623 910 1231 

  • Moon Valley Nursery has some great stock on veggies.  Today I got a 6 pack of Early Girl Tomatos and Red Bell peppers for $2.99 a 6 pack.  Guy told me tomorrow they are going to get even more variety of veggies.  Can't wait to get them planted!!!

  • Hi Jeanne. I'm finally catching my breath from my move. How have you been?

  • I had planted potatoes for the first time last year. I had purchased a bag of fingerling potatoes from Safeway, rinsed them thoroughly, and planted them when they started to show growth from their eyes. In the fall and again last month, I planted tiny potatoes that I had harvested that were just too small to eat.

    I was back at HD looking for tomato plants a week ago. The heat tolerant variety that they had was a determinate called Phoenix. I purchased some of those and also a few Early Girl. They were the same size when purchased, but in the past week, Early Girl has shot up twice the size as Phoenix!

    As for the seeds that I've planted, I have two Tropic that have germinated (out of 6) and no Tula Blacks at all :(

  • Jeanne, where do you get the stock for your potatoes? I've been gardening awhile, but haven't gotten the hang of potatoes. I am an heirloom gardener, so am always looking for stuff that is non-GMO. Most of my stuff comes from Native Seed Search, but the ancient Native Americans did not grow potatoes. ... not sure how it's done in AZ.. Potatoes being one of those veggies not tolerant of either hot nor cold. Any advice you have would be useful. Thanks.

  • I had purchased seeds online from Hirts called Tula Black and Tropic. Germination was a bit touchy last year, and none of the plants survived to the garden. I'm trying again this year. I had seen a tomato labeled as heat tolerate at Home Depot last fall. I'm going to look for it again the next time I get down there.

  • Very nice.  What types of tomatoes are heat tolerant? 

  • Curioser and curioser... I planted onion sets last week, and a couple rows of red potatoes. Last year, the russets did nothing, zip, zero, nada, but the reds were quite productive. I had to purchase a 5lb bag of potatoes for Christmas, but otherwise have been eating only potatoes grown from my garden for at least 6 months now. When I tilled the garden to prepare to plant, I was able to harvest another several pounds of potatoes that had escaped me when I dug the plants in the fall. I'm thinking that I should plant peas and sugar snap peas asap. I started seed in the house for two varieties of heat tolerant tomatoes last week.

  • Hi Jeanne!  I did post to the group but now that I am looking for my post I don't see it here.  I wonder where it went??

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eucalyptus trees

Hi,Hi everyone - I just joined the South West Valley Group and have serious questions.I read online that eucalyptus is poison to trees or other plants around it. What I need to ask is:  Does anyone know how far away another tree should be to prevent it from                                  the eucalyptus poison.                                  Is it the oil in the leaves that is bad? Not the roots?                                  If we chip/shred the fallen leaves and twigs from the…

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New here, bees, etc.

Hi, I am new to this area.   Have retired here from California.   I know I am west valey but not sure of the south part of this.  Have an acre near Waddell Road and Cotton - is that southwest valley??   Anyone else near me?  Also, I am interested in keeping bees (along with chickens, goats, turkeys, sheep, and guiene hogs) here.  But have heard that Phoenix does not allow beekeeping.  I am not in any city but in Maricopa County.  Does anyone know if we can keep bees here?  Hoping to hear from…

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All Natural Grass Fed Beef available in Southwest Phoenix

We are pleased to announce we will have fresh beef available for sale on Feb 11th. If you purchase prior to Feb 11th, this beef will be fresh, never frozen, or we can hold it for you in our freezer. This is your chance to get Locally produced, All Natural Grass Fed beef. We only have 100 lbs remaining for sale, so act quickly. Prices are as follows:Farmer Goose'sAll Natural Grass-Fed LeanBeef Pricing Sheet:50 lbs of Beef                             $250 25 lbs…

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