turkey eggs

i bought some turkey eggs at the farmers market a cople weeks ago, and I tried cooking one this am... the yoke was not as usual.  Closest I can compare it to is warm taffy... is this normal for turkey eggs?

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  • I didnt eat it. It was like this raw. almost like it was partly frozen, but the runny white part was the same. I have never had turkey eggs either. I opened another one and it was the same.
    • ooooh, now that you mention that, that jogged something in my brain. :) Yes, I have had something similar happen to chicken eggs that were stored in a part of my fridge that gets too cold and the yolks did this. The whites looked normal but the yolks changed a bit. My guess is that's what happened. Just fine to eat, but unappetizing! :) I'd let the farmer know, I'm sure they don't want to be selling people frozen eggs!
    • Turkey eggs taste just like chicken eggs. The yolks are a little bit tougher, but they taste delicious. I assure you that as long as the egg didn't have an off smell, that is was just fine.

      Edited to add: Yeah, Rachel...you are right. I didn't think about that (or pay attention when Janel mentioned they were party frozen). Definitely mention to the farmer if you bought them like that Janel. Or if it happened in your refrigerator, just keep the eggs in a different spot.
  • You mean when you cooked it the yolk was stretchy like taffy or tasted like taffy? I can't remember eating turkey eggs before, but I have eaten a lot of other kinds of eggs and I've never seen a stretchy yolk... I assume it tasted "normal"?
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