We're adding a few new elements to the tour this year, but we really need your help to pull that off.

• We've branded the TdC this year, yep we have an official logo...recognition is key!
• We're in the midst of some egg-ceptional changes to our website and there’s a whole lot more to come...take a peep at tourdecoops.org

• We're adding a raffle to the tour this year, if you have anything chicken or urban farm fabulous that you are willing to donate...please contact us!

The big thing we're planning to do this year is expand the educational capacity of the tour...this is really where we need your assistance. The tour is an awesome opportunity to expand the visibility of the VPA (and urban sustainability), the classes that are available as well as other programs and events...and we plan to put forth every effort to that end. We're cross-pollinating, and we'd love your involvement!

As we chicken farmers know, owning chickens tends to merely be a part of the greater picture of our sustainable practice(s). We've been seeking coops this year that express that notion...folks who compost, container garden (or any kind of garden), catch rainwater, use gray water...in conjunction with their chickens. We're still on the search for coops that fulfill some of the educational topics that the VPA offers, if you know someone with chickens as part of their bigger picture of a sustainable urban farm...let us know.

It's going to be a fabulous event!

The TdC Planning Committee

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