I have a 22 week old roo that I need to re-home. My more dominate roo is not letting him be a roo and he has all the indicators for being an excellent roo. He is so sweet and very docile. He just started dancing for his girls that he is interested in. If you are interested or know someone who might be,please let me know. 5020510682?profile=original

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  • My two cents worth:  Give him some time.  give the girls some time.  As he grows into his "manhood"  he will become more confident and the girls will fuss for awhile and will eventually get used to the idea that the rooster has a place in their life--as protector and provider.  Hens tend to play 'hard to get"....

    • I truly would rather not re-home him. Do you really think in time he will be accepted even with a more dominate roo in the picture? I am relativity new to the chicken world.

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