Old English Game Hens Need a New Home

We have 5 Old English Game Hens which need a better environment than we can give them. They are a bit territorial, and need more room than we can give them, as we are focused on other breeds. At least 4 of them are laying. If you are part of the effort to revive this breed, this is a great opportunity. Contact me if you have the right home for these girls.



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  • I do not think I can take the English game hens, but I checked out your photo and have a question.  In the top photo, the two chickens with the yellow necks, are they the game hens?  I just got some pullets from a neighbor and they look like those two but I was told they were Easter Egger hens.  I have four of them with other chickens but those four seem to be more aggressive than the others.  So now I wonder if they are the English game hens.  Thanks for your response.

    • After reading your question, and thinking about for a few days, I was reminded of an interesting correlation which you are likely noticing yourself. The yellow necks do look like bantam versions of some our Americauna hens. Our Americauna hens are a bit more territorial than other breeds, but they do get along with others fine as long as there is only one rooster. 

    • English Game Hens have quite a variety of colors, and lay white eggs. The three in the corner are all English Game Hens. We have three color varieties, including the black one. I have read all the fighting breeds are descended from the English Game Hens.

  • Hi my name is Chris I'm interested in your English game hens. We currently reside on 1 acre in new river but are moving in three weeks too a two acre parcel with irrigation in town. We have some chickens,ducks and I think we would have enough room for them. My contact info is 480-593-3172 Chris feel free to tx any questions you might have. I look forward to meeting you.
    • There was simply not as much interest in this breed as I thought. If you still want them, you can have them. We are on the extreme west side. How far away are you from 99th Ave and Southern?

    • I am most interested in seeing them go to a home with an English Game Hen Rooster, and if possible, exchange them for another breed of hen. I have been told they are worth more than an Orpington or Leghorn, or Ameraucana, all of which I would be happy to receive in exchange. If you know someone who is working to revive the breed, they are the best new home for them, as they will know what they are getting.

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