need a broody hen or use of an incubater..

I have fertile eggs--need to hatch them.  Soon.  so I need the use of a broody hen or access to an incubater.  I'll share the results!    None of my hens are the least bit broody and the rooster is gone so this window of opportunity will close shortly.    602-579-6696

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  • Where in the valley are you located? We have three broody girls right now, and I'm suspicious of a fourth.

    • Oh, and Hello Sheri!!!
    • Hi, Jay! Good to "see" you again!

    • Sorry for the delay. It's a non-commercial still-air, tabletop incubator. Probably holds around 30-40 eggs depending on their size. Give me a call or text at 601-403-1859.
    • I have an incubator you can borrow. I'm in Cen Phx. Let me know.
    • how many eggs does it hold?  so I know how many to share!!

    • Jay's incubator might be an easier solution since we're in east Gilbert. I'll wait to see what you decide. If you decide on the hen, we're at 480-889-4374. :)

    • Central me 602-579-6696 .  I can bring the eggs any time.

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