Looking for POL hens

We'd like to add 3 or 4 girls to our flock. Anyone have any ladies that need new homes or know where I can find some?I'll also be looking into where my non-layers can go live out their days as soon as I figure out who isn't laying! Any ideas there? I'm not too concerned with what happens after they leave my house. We just don't want to feed chickens who don't lay.

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  • Our neighbor has a friend who gives their old hens to the Phoenix Zoo.  I guess the zoo feeds them to some of the animals.  I don't know much about it, but you can probably call the zoo to see if that's an option.  After ours are done laying we keep them as pets, we let them have a nice retirement :)

    • Jennifer I am interested in getting some pullets that aren't laying yet. Do you have any?
    • I have been cleaned out except for the pair of blue banties.
    • Hi Jenny,

      I ALWAYS have extra hens. What are you looking for? Send me a message if you'd like or call 602-881-2762

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